Francesco Nardi
Francesco Nardi
Dip. Scienze della Vita, Università di Siena
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Hexapod origins: monophyletic or paraphyletic?
F Nardi, G Spinsanti, JL Boore, A Carapelli, R Dallai, F Frati
Science 299 (5614), 1887-1889, 2003
An extensive field survey combined with a phylogenetic analysis reveals rapid and widespread invasion of two alien whiteflies in China
J Hu, P De Barro, H Zhao, J Wang, F Nardi, SS Liu
PLoS One 6 (1), e16061, 2011
Population structure and colonization history of the olive fly, Bactrocera oleae (Diptera, Tephritidae)
F Nardi, A Carapelli, R Dallai, GK Roderick, F Frati
Molecular Ecology 14 (9), 2729-2738, 2005
The complete mitochondrial DNA sequence of the basal hexapod Tetrodontophora bielanensis: evidence for heteroplasmy and tRNA translocations
F Nardi, A Carapelli, PP Fanciulli, R Dallai, F Frati
Molecular Biology and Evolution 18 (7), 1293-1304, 2001
Phylogenetic analysis of mitochondrial protein coding genes confirms the reciprocal paraphyly of Hexapoda and Crustacea
A Carapelli, P Liò, F Nardi, E Van Der Wath, F Frati
BMC evolutionary biology 7 (Suppl 2), S8, 2007
The mitochondrial genome of the olive fly Bactrocera oleae: two haplotypes from distant geographical locations
F Nardi, A Carapelli, R Dallai, F Frati
Insect molecular biology 12 (6), 605-611, 2003
Domestication of olive fly through a multi-regional host shift to cultivated olives: Comparative dating using complete mitochondrial genomes
F Nardi, A Carapelli, JL Boore, GK Roderick, R Dallai, F Frati
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 57 (2), 678-686, 2010
Deep phylogeographic divisions and long‐term persistence of forest invertebrates (Hexapoda: Collembola) in the North‐Western Mediterranean basin
F Cicconardi, F Nardi, BC Emerson, F Frati, PP Fanciulli
Molecular ecology 19 (2), 386-400, 2009
Population genetic structure of the melon fly, Bactrocera cucurbitae (Diptera: Tephritidae), from China and Southeast Asia
J Hu, JL Zhang, F Nardi, RJ Zhang
Genetica 134 (3), 319-324, 2008
The Oriental Fruit Fly, Bactrocera dorsalis, in China: Origin and Gradual Inland Range Expansion Associated with Population Growth
X Wan, F Nardi, B Zhang, Y Liu
PloS one 6 (10), e25238, 2011
High divergence across the whole mitochondrial genome in the “pan-Antarctic” springtail< i> Friesea grisea</i>: Evidence for cryptic species?
G Torricelli, A Carapelli, P Convey, F Nardi, JL Boore, F Frati
Gene 449 (1), 30-40, 2010
Mitogenomic Phylogenetic Analysis Supports Continental-Scale Vicariance in Subterranean Thalassoid Crustaceans
MM Bauzà-Ribot, C Juan, F Nardi, P Oromí, J Pons, D Jaume
Current Biology 22, 2069-2074, 2012
Molecular phylogeny of the apterygotan insects based on nuclear and mitochondrial genes
A Carapelli, F Frati, F Nardi, R Dallai, C Simon
Pedobiologia 44 (3), 361-373, 2000
The complete nucleotide sequence of the mitochondrial genome of the oriental fruit fly,< i> Bactrocera dorsalis</i>(Diptera: Tephritidae)
DJ Yu, L Xu, F Nardi, JG Li, RJ Zhang
Gene 396 (1), 66-74, 2007
The complete mitochondrial genome of the Antarctic springtail Cryptopygus antarcticus (Hexapoda: Collembola)
A Carapelli, S Comandi, P Convey, F Nardi, F Frati
BMC genomics 9 (1), 315, 2008
Transcriptional and post-transcriptional response of drug-metabolizing enzymes to PAHs contamination in red mullet (< i> Mullus barbatus</i>, Linnaeus, 1758): A field study
C Della Torre, I Corsi, F Nardi, G Perra, MP Tomasino, S Focardi
Marine environmental research 70 (1), 95-101, 2010
The complete nucleotide sequence of the mitochondrial genome of Bactrocera minax (Diptera: Tephritidae)
B Zhang, F Nardi, H Hull-Sanders, X Wan, Y Liu
PloS one 9 (6), e100558, 2014
A review of molecular data for the phylogeny of basal hexapods
A Carapelli, F Nardi, R Dallai, F Frati
Pedobiologia 50 (2), 191-204, 2006
Sperm accessory microtubules suggest the placement of Diplura as the sister-group of Insecta ss
R Dallai, D Mercati, A Carapelli, F Nardi, R Machida, K Sekiya, F Frati
Arthropod structure & development 40 (1), 77-92, 2011
The mitochondrial genomes of< i> Campodea fragilis</i> and< i> Campodea lubbocki</i>(Hexapoda: Diplura): High genetic divergence in a morphologically uniform taxon
L Podsiadlowski, A Carapelli, F Nardi, R Dallai, M Koch, JL Boore, F Frati
Gene 381, 49-61, 2006
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