Hung V.-T. Nguyen
Hung V.-T. Nguyen
Graduate Student
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Nitroxide-Based Macromolecular Contrast Agents with Unprecedented Transverse Relaxivity and Stability for Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Tumors
HVT Nguyen, Q Chen, JT Paletta, P Harvey, Y Jiang, H Zhang, MD Boska, ...
ACS central science 3 (7), 800-811, 2017
Iterative exponential growth synthesis and assembly of uniform diblock copolymers
Y Jiang, MR Golder, HVT Nguyen, Y Wang, M Zhong, JC Barnes, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 138 (30), 9369-9372, 2016
Robust gold nanorods stabilized by bidentate N-heterocyclic-carbene–thiolate ligands
MJ MacLeod, AJ Goodman, HZ Ye, HVT Nguyen, T Van Voorhis, ...
Nature chemistry 11 (1), 57-63, 2019
Using an RNAi signature assay to guide the design of three-drug-conjugated nanoparticles with validated mechanisms, in vivo efficacy, and low toxicity
JC Barnes, PM Bruno, HVT Nguyen, L Liao, J Liu, MT Hemann, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 138 (38), 12494-12501, 2016
Triply loaded nitroxide brush-arm star polymers enable metal-free millimetric tumor detection by magnetic resonance imaging
HVT Nguyen, A Detappe, NM Gallagher, H Zhang, P Harvey, C Yan, ...
ACS nano 12 (11), 11343-11354, 2018
Tailored silyl ether monomers enable backbone-degradable polynorbornene-based linear, bottlebrush and star copolymers through ROMP
P Shieh, HVT Nguyen, JA Johnson
Nature chemistry 11 (12), 1124-1132, 2019
Stereochemical Sequence Dictates Unimolecular Diblock Copolymer Assembly
MR Golder, Y Jiang, PE Teichen, HVT Nguyen, W Wang, N Milos, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 140 (5), 1596-1599, 2018
Scalable Synthesis of Multivalent Macromonomers for ROMP
HVT Nguyen, NM Gallagher, F Vohidov, Y Jiang, K Kawamoto, H Zhang, ...
ACS Macro Letters 7 (4), 472-476, 2018
Mikto-Brush-Arm Star Polymers via Cross-Linking of Dissimilar Bottlebrushes: Synthesis and Solution Morphologies
Y Shibuya, HVT Nguyen, JA Johnson
ACS Macro Letters 6 (9), 963-968, 2017
Polyoxazoline-Based Bottlebrush and Brush-Arm Star Polymers via ROMP: Syntheses and Applications as Organic Radical Contrast Agents
GG Alvaradejo, HVT Nguyen, P Harvey, NM Gallagher, D Le, MF Ottaviani, ...
ACS Macro Letters 8 (4), 473-478, 2019
Reduction of liver fibrosis by rationally designed macromolecular telmisartan prodrugs
MR Golder, J Liu, JN Andersen, MV Shipitsin, F Vohidov, HVT Nguyen, ...
Nature biomedical engineering 2 (11), 822-830, 2018
Main-Chain Zwitterionic Supramolecular Polymers Derived from N-Heterocyclic Carbene–Carbodiimide (NHC–CDI) Adducts
NM Gallagher, AV Zhukhovitskiy, HVT Nguyen, JA Johnson
Macromolecules 51 (8), 3006-3016, 2018
ABC triblock bottlebrush copolymer-based injectable hydrogels: design, synthesis, and application to expanding the therapeutic index of cancer immunochemotherapy
F Vohidov, LE Milling, Q Chen, W Zhang, S Bhagchandani, HVT Nguyen, ...
Chemical Science 11 (23), 5974-5986, 2020
Pro-organic radical contrast agents (“pro-ORCAs”) for real-time MRI of pro-drug activation in biological systems
HVT Nguyen, A Detappe, P Harvey, N Gallagher, C Mathieu, MP Agius, ...
Polymer Chemistry 11 (29), 4768-4779, 2020
Brush-arm star polymer imaging agents and uses thereof
JA Johnson, HV Nguyen, A Rajca
US Patent App. 16/024,643, 2019
Antibody-targeting of ultra-small nanoparticles enhances imaging sensitivity and enables longitudinal tracking of multiple myeloma
A Detappe, M Reidy, Y Yu, C Mathieu, HVT Nguyen, TP Coroller, F Lam, ...
Nanoscale 11 (43), 20485-20496, 2019
Brush-First and ROMP-Out with Functional (Macro) monomers: Method Development, Structural Investigations, and Applications of an Expanded Brush-Arm Star Polymer Platform
MR Golder, HVT Nguyen, NJ Oldenhuis, J Grundler, EJ Park, JA Johnson
Macromolecules 51 (23), 9861-9870, 2018
Branched multi-functional macromonomers and uses thereof
JA Johnson, N Gallagher, F Vohidov, Y Jiang, HV Nguyen
US Patent 10,716,858, 2020
Modular Polymer Antigens To Optimize Immunity
NR Bennett, CM Jarvis, MM Alam, DB Zwick, JM Olson, HVT Nguyen, ...
Biomacromolecules 20 (12), 4370-4379, 2019
Publisher Correction: Reduction of liver fibrosis by rationally designed macromolecular telmisartan prodrugs.
MR Golder, J Liu, JN Andersen, MV Shipitsin, F Vohidov, HV Nguyen, ...
Nature biomedical engineering 2 (9), 707-707, 2018
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