Matthias E. Futschik
Matthias E. Futschik
Honorary Professor in Bioinformatics
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צוטט על ידי
צוטט על ידי
Tight regulation of unstructured proteins: from transcript synthesis to protein degradation
J Gsponer, ME Futschik, SA Teichmann, MM Babu
Science 322 (5906), 1365-1368, 2008
Mfuzz: a software package for soft clustering of microarray data
L Kumar, ME Futschik
Bioinformation 2 (1), 5, 2007
Genome-wide expression dynamics of a marine virus and host reveal features of co-evolution
D Lindell, JD Jaffe, ML Coleman, ME Futschik, IM Axmann, T Rector, ...
Nature 449 (7158), 83-86, 2007
Noise-robust soft clustering of gene expression time-course data
ME Futschik, B Carlisle
Journal of bioinformatics and computational biology 3 (04), 965-988, 2005
Choreography of the transcriptome, photophysiology, and cell cycle of a minimal photoautotroph, Prochlorococcus
ER Zinser, D Lindell, ZI Johnson, ME Futschik, C Steglich, ML Coleman, ...
PloS one 4 (4), e5135, 2009
UniHI: an entry gate to the human protein interactome
G Chaurasia, Y Iqbal, C Hänig, H Herzel, EE Wanker, ME Futschik
Nucleic acids research 35 (suppl_1), D590-D594, 2007
The challenge of regulation in a minimal photoautotroph: non-coding RNAs in Prochlorococcus
C Steglich, ME Futschik, D Lindell, B Voss, SW Chisholm, WR Hess
PLoS Genetics 4 (8), e1000173, 2008
Comparison of human protein–protein interaction maps
ME Futschik, G Chaurasia, H Herzel
Bioinformatics 23 (5), 605-611, 2007
Association of CDH1 haplotypes with susceptibility to sporadic diffuse gastric cancer
B Humar, F Graziano, S Cascinu, V Catalano, AM Ruzzo, M Magnani, ...
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Short RNA half-lives in the slow-growing marine cyanobacterium Prochlorococcus
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Evolving connectionist systems for knowledge discovery from gene expression data of cancer tissue
ME Futschik, A Reeve, N Kasabov
Artificial Intelligence in Medicine 28 (2), 165-189, 2003
UniHI 4: new tools for query, analysis and visualization of the human protein–protein interactome
G Chaurasia, S Malhotra, J Russ, S Schnoegl, C Hänig, EE Wanker, ...
Nucleic acids research 37 (suppl_1), D657-D660, 2009
UniHI 7: an enhanced database for retrieval and interactive analysis of human molecular interaction networks
RKR Kalathur, JP Pinto, MA Hernandez-Prieto, RSR Machado, D Almeida, ...
Nucleic acids research 42 (D1), D408-D414, 2014
Medical decision support systems utilizing gene expression and clinical information and method for use
NK Kasabov, ME Futschik, MJ Sullivan, AE Reeve
Fuzzy clustering of gene expression data
ME Futschik, NK Kasabov
2002 IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence. 2002 IEEE …, 2002
Iron deprivation in Synechocystis: inference of pathways, non-coding RNAs, and regulatory elements from comprehensive expression profiling
MA Hernández-Prieto, V Schön, J Georg, L Barreira, J Varela, WR Hess, ...
G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics 2 (12), 1475-1495, 2012
Genome-wide analysis of light sensing in Prochlorococcus
C Steglich, M Futschik, T Rector, R Steen, SW Chisholm
Journal of bacteriology 188 (22), 7796-7806, 2006
Model selection and efficiency testing for normalization of cDNA microarray data
M Futschik, T Crompton
Genome Biology 5 (8), R60, 2004
Identification of Sc-type ILV6 as a target to reduce diacetyl formation in lager brewers' yeast
CT Duong, L Strack, M Futschik, Y Katou, Y Nakao, T Fujimura, ...
Metabolic engineering 13 (6), 638-647, 2011
Transcriptome dynamics of a broad host-range cyanophage and its hosts
S Doron, A Fedida, MA Hernández-Prieto, G Sabehi, I Karunker, D Stazic, ...
The ISME journal 10 (6), 1437-1455, 2016
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