Maya Saar
Maya Saar
כתובת אימייל מאומתת בדומיין - דף הבית
צוטט על ידי
צוטט על ידי
At the brink of supercoloniality: genetic, behavioral, and chemical assessments of population structure of the desert ant Cataglyphis niger
M Saar, L Leniaud, S Aron, A Hefetz
Frontiers in ecology and evolution 2, 13, 2014
Consistent differences in foraging behavior in 2 sympatric harvester ant species may facilitate coexistence
M Saar, A Subach, I Reato, T Liber, JN Pruitt, I Scharf
Current zoology 64 (5), 653-661, 2018
The interplay between maze complexity, colony size, learning and memory in ants while solving a maze: A test at the colony level
M Saar, T Gilad, T Kilon-Kallner, A Rosenfeld, A Subach, I Scharf
PLoS one 12 (8), 2017
Within-colony genetic diversity differentially affects foraging, nest maintenance, and aggression in two species of harvester ants
M Saar, PA Eyer, T Kilon-Kallner, A Hefetz, I Scharf
Scientific reports 8 (1), 1-12, 2018
The effect of maze complexity on maze-solving time in a desert ant
D Bega, Y Samocha, N Yitzhak, M Saar, A Subach, I Scharf
Behavioural processes 166, 103893, 2019
Embryo injections for CRISPR-mediated mutagenesis in the ant Harpegnathos saltator
K Sieber, M Saar, C Opachaloemphan, M Gallitto, H Yang, H Yan
JoVE 168, e61930, 2021
Non-spatial information on the presence of food elevates search intensity in ant workers, leading to faster maze solving in a process parallel to spatial learning
D Bega, Y Samocha, N Yitzhak, M Saar, A Subach, I Scharf
Plos one 15 (2), e0229709, 2020
The effect of food preference, landmarks, and maze shift on maze-solving time in desert ants
M Saar, D Hershkovitz, O Amano, D Bega, A Subach, I Scharf
Behaviour 1 (aop), 1-37, 2020
Foraging behavior of co-occurring ant species and the link to traits contributing to colony fitness
M Saar
Tel-Aviv University, 2019
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