Amie Wheeldon
Amie Wheeldon
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צוטט על ידי
צוטט על ידי
Comparison of acoustic and traditional point count methods to assess bird diversity and composition in the Aberdare National Park, Kenya
A Wheeldon, HL Mossman, MJP Sullivan, J Mathenge, SR de Kort
African Journal of Ecology, 2019
Passive acoustic monitoring gives new insight into year-round duetting behaviour of a tropical songbird
P Szymański, K Olszowiak, A Wheeldon, M Budka, TS Osiejuk
Ecological Indicators 122, 107271, 0
Structure and functions of Yellow-breasted Boubou (Laniarius atroflavus) solos and duets
A Wheeldon, P Szymański, M Budka, TS Osiejuk
PeerJ 8, e10214, 2020
Yellow‐breasted Boubous (Laniarius atroflavus) jointly defend territories with male‐led duets against stranger pairs, males and females
A Wheeldon, P Szymański, TS Osiejuk
Ethology, 0
Hey mister Tambourine Dove, sing a song for me: simple but individually specific songs of Turtur tympanistria from Cameroon
TS Osiejuk, B Żbikowski, A Wheeldon, M Budka
Avian Research 10 (1), 14, 2019
Song type and song type matching are important for joint territorial defense in a duetting songbird
A Wheeldon, P Szymański, A Surmacki, TS Osiejuk
Behavioral Ecology, 2021
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