Galit Klein - Liberman
Galit Klein - Liberman
Lecturer at Ariel University
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כותרתצוטט על ידישנה
Experiential learning in management education
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Contact theory in the workplace: The case of Jewish–Arab contact in Israel
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G Klein
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The Impact of Gender and Attractiveness on Judgment of Accountants' Misbehaviors
Z Shtudiner, G Klein
Available at SSRN 3391257, 2019
The value of souvenirs: Endowment effect and religion
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Old and Wise? Linking Age, Intrapreneurship, Social Capital and Production
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Judging Ethical Behavior in the Workplace: The Role of Attractiveness and Gender
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Available at SSRN 3122277, 2018
Trying to make rational decisions while employing intuitive reasoning: a look at the due-diligence process using the dual-system reasoning model
G Klein
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Different thinking or similar models: do entrepreneurs and franchisees apply the same decision-making models prior to establishing a company?
G Klein
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Cyber Crime and cyber security awareness among students: A comparative study in Israel and Slovenia
MZGK Dušan Lesjak
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לימודי ניהול באמצעות התנסות חווייתית
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תיאורית הייחוס בהקשר פוליטי- כיצד הציבור הישראלי תופס את הגורמים האחראים על יוקר המחיה ויוקר הדיור בישראל?
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The structure of legitimization: Establishing organizational legitimacy while applying decision making rules
G Klein
Available at SSRN 2700173, 2013
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