John M. Beggs
John M. Beggs
Associate Professor of Physics, Indiana University
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Neuronal avalanches in neocortical circuits
JM Beggs, D Plenz
Journal of neuroscience 23 (35), 11167-11177, 2003
Neuronal avalanches are diverse and precise activity patterns that are stable for many hours in cortical slice cultures
JM Beggs, D Plenz
Journal of neuroscience 24 (22), 5216-5229, 2004
The criticality hypothesis: how local cortical networks might optimize information processing
JM Beggs
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical …, 2008
Critical branching captures activity in living neural networks and maximizes the number of metastable states
C Haldeman, JM Beggs
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Being critical of criticality in the brain
JM Beggs, N Timme
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Universal critical dynamics in high resolution neuronal avalanche data
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Extending transfer entropy improves identification of effective connectivity in a spiking cortical network model
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Synergy, redundancy, and multivariate information measures: an experimentalist’s perspective
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Rich-club organization in effective connectivity among cortical neurons
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High-degree neurons feed cortical computations
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Quasicritical brain dynamics on a nonequilibrium Widom line
RV Williams-García, M Moore, JM Beggs, G Ortiz
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Learning and memory: Basic mechanisms
JM Beggs, TH Brown, JH Byrne, T Crow, JE LeDoux, K LeBar, ...
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Large-scale, high-resolution multielectrode-array recording depicts functional network differences of cortical and hippocampal cultures
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Neuronal avalanches and criticality: A dynamical model for homeostasis
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