Tomer Shlomi
Tomer Shlomi
Associate Professor of Computer Science, Technion
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צוטט על ידי
צוטט על ידי
Associating genes and protein complexes with disease via network propagation
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Quantitative flux analysis reveals folate-dependent NADPH production
J Fan, J Ye, JJ Kamphorst, T Shlomi, CB Thompson, JD Rabinowitz
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Network-based prediction of human tissue-specific metabolism
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Haem oxygenase is synthetically lethal with the tumour suppressor fumarate hydratase
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Integrating quantitative proteomics and metabolomics with a genome-scale metabolic network model
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QPath: a method for querying pathways in a protein-protein interaction network
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iMAT: an integrative metabolic analysis tool
H Zur, E Ruppin, T Shlomi
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Metabolite concentrations, fluxes and free energies imply efficient enzyme usage
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Predicting metabolic biomarkers of human inborn errors of metabolism
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A direct comparison of protein interaction confidence assignment schemes
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SPINE: a framework for signaling-regulatory pathway inference from cause-effect experiments
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Bioinformatics 23 (13), i359-i366, 2007
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