Andrea Erhardt
Andrea Erhardt
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Influence of atmospheric nutrients on primary productivity in a coastal upwelling region
KRM Mackey, GL van Dijken, S Mazloom, AM Erhardt, J Ryan, KR Arrigo, ...
Global Biogeochemical Cycles 24 (4), 2010
Export productivity and carbonate accumulation in the Pacific Basin at the transition from a greenhouse to icehouse climate (late Eocene to early Oligocene)
E Griffith, M Calhoun, E Thomas, K Averyt, A Erhardt, T Bralower, M Lyle, ...
Paleoceanography 25 (3), 2010
Equatorial Pacific productivity changes near the Eocene‐Oligocene boundary
TC Moore Jr, BS Wade, T Westerhold, AM Erhardt, HK Coxall, J Baldauf, ...
Paleoceanography 29 (9), 825-844, 2014
Application of sulphur isotopes for stratigraphic correlation
A Paytan, ET Gray, Z Ma, A Erhardt, K Faul
Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies 48 (1), 195-206, 2012
High‐resolution record of export production in the eastern equatorial Pacific across the Eocene‐Oligocene transition and relationships to global climatic records
AM Erhardt, H Pälike, A Paytan
Paleoceanography 28 (1), 130-142, 2013
Records of trace metals in sediments from the Oregon shelf and slope: investigating the occurrence of hypoxia over the past several thousand years
AM Erhardt, CE Reimers, D Kadko, A Paytan
Chemical Geology 382, 32-43, 2014
Local and regional Indian Summer Monsoon precipitation dynamics during Termination II and the Last Interglacial
M Magiera, FA Lechleitner, AM Erhardt, A Hartland, O Kwiecien, H Cheng, ...
Geophysical Research Letters 46 (21), 12454-12463, 2019
Evaluating the effects of diagenesis on the δ13C and δ18O compositions of carbonates in a mud-rich depositional environment: A case study from the Midland Basin, USA
A Reis, AM Erhardt, MM McGlue, L Waite
Chemical Geology 524, 196-212, 2019
Radiolarian stratigraphy near the Eocene–Oligocene boundary
TC Moore Jr, S Kamikuri, AM Erhardt, J Baldauf, HK Coxall, T Westerhold
Marine Micropaleontology 116, 50-62, 2015
Relative contributions of tectonics and climate on fluvial sedimentation in the Wasatch Formation of western Colorado
AM Erhardt
Colorado School of Mines, 2005
Evidence for changes in subsurface circulation in the late Eocene equatorial Pacific from radiolarian‐bound nitrogen isotope values
RS Robinson, TC Moore, AM Erhardt, HD Scher
Paleoceanography 30 (7), 912-922, 2015
Preservation methods for the isotopic composition of dissolved carbon species in non‐ideal conditions
J Wilson, J Munizzi, AM Erhardt
Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry 34 (21), e8903, 2020
Late Holocene hydroclimate changes in the eastern Sierra Nevada revealed by a 4600-year paleoproduction record from June Lake, CA
EC Lyon, MM McGlue, AM Erhardt, SL Kim, JR Stone, SRH Zimmerman
Quaternary Science Reviews 242, 106432, 2020
The calcium isotopic composition of carbonate hardground cements: A new record of changes in ocean chemistry?
AM Erhardt, AV Turchyn, HJ Bradbury, JAD Dickson
Chemical Geology 540, 119490, 2020
Chemical composition of carbonate hardground cements as reconstructive tools for Phanerozoic pore fluids
AM Erhardt, AV Turchyn, JAD Dickson, AY Sadekov, PD Taylor, ...
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 21 (3), e2019GC008448, 2020
Backwater Confluences of the Ohio River: Organic and Inorganic Fingerprints Explain Sediment Dynamics in Wetlands and Marinas
WI Ford, JF Fox, DT Mahoney, G DeGraves, A Erhardt, S Yost
JAWRA Journal of the American Water Resources Association 56 (4), 692-711, 2020
Attitudinal impediments to geology major recruitment among ninth graders at a STEM high school
E Lyon, RL Freeman, J Bathon, A Fryar, M McGlue, AM Erhardt, A Rosen, ...
Journal of Geoscience Education 68 (3), 237-253, 2020
Application of Elemental and Isotopic Proxies to Reconstruct Pacific Ocean Circulation and Productivity During Periods of Climate Change
AM Erhardt
Stanford University, 2013
Deer management strategies and hypothesis testing to explain the increase in prehistoric human maize consumption in the eastern woodlands of the United States: an investigation …
EA Bonzani RM, Alexander KV, Metz A, Munizzi JS, Manzano BL, Davidson MJ ...
Environmental Archaeology, 1-19, 2021
Assessing sedimentary detrital Pb isotopes as a dust tracer in the Pacific Ocean
AM Erhardt, G Douglas, AD Jacobson, J Wimpenny, QZ Yin, A Paytan
Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology 36 (4), e2020PA004144, 2021
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