Amanda Grusz
Amanda Grusz
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A community‐derived classification for extant lycophytes and ferns
Journal of Systematics and Evolution 54 (6), 563-603, 2016
Deciphering the origins of apomictic polyploids in the Cheilanthes yavapensis complex (Pteridaceae)
AL Grusz, MD Windham, KM Pryer
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The evolution of chloroplast genes and genomes in ferns
PG Wolf, JP Der, AM Duffy, JB Davidson, AL Grusz, KM Pryer
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E Schuettpelz, AL Grusz, MD Windham, KM Pryer
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CJ Rothfels, MD Windham, AL Grusz, GJ Gastony, KM Pryer
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Using plastid and nuclear DNA sequences to redraw generic boundaries and demystify species complexes in cheilanthoid ferns
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Toward a monophyletic Cheilanthes: The resurrection and recircumscription of Myriopteris (Pteridaceae)
AL Grusz, MD Windham
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A current perspective on apomixis in ferns
AL Grusz
Journal of Systematics and Evolution 54 (6), 656-665, 2016
DNA barcoding exposes a case of mistaken identity in the fern horticultural trade
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Systematic Botany 39 (3), 698-714, 2014
Primary hemiepiphytism and gametophyte morphology in Elaphoglossum amygdalifolium (Dryopteridaceae)
LP Lagomarsino, AL Grusz, RC Moran
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Mobile elements shape plastome evolution in ferns
TA Robison, AL Grusz, PG Wolf, JP Mower, BD Fauskee, K Sosa, ...
Genome biology and evolution 10 (10), 2558-2571, 2018
Homoeologous chromosome pairing across the eukaryote phylogeny
A Grusz, E Sigel, C Witherup
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 2017
Transcriptome sequencing reveals genome-wide variation in molecular evolutionary rate among ferns
AL Grusz, CJ Rothfels, E Schuettpelz
BMC genomics 17 (1), 692, 2016
Studies of Costa Rican Gelidiales (Florideophyceae). II. Two Pacific Taxa Including Gelidium microglossum, n. sp. 1
AL Grusz, DW Freshwater
Pacific Science 68 (1), 97-110, 2014
Myriopteris windhamii sp. nov., a new name for Cheilanthes villosa (Pteridaceae)
AL Grusz
American Fern Journal 103 (2), 112-117, 2013
Development of microsatellite markers for the apomictic triploid fern Myriopteris lindheimeri (Pteridaceae)
AL Grusz, KM Pryer
Applications in Plant Sciences 3 (11), 1500061, 2015
Evolutionary Patterns and Processes in the Desert-Adapted Fern Genus Myriopteris (Pteridaceae)
AL Grusz
Duke University, 2014
Premeiotic Endomitosis Facilitates Recombinant Apomixis in Polyploid Land Plants
A Grusz
Plant and Animal Genome XXVII Conference (January 12-16, 2019), 2019
Myriopteris windhamii sp. Nov., a New Name For Cheilanthes villosa (Pteridaceae)(vol 103, pg 112, 2013)
AL Grusz
AMERICAN FERN JOURNAL 103 (4), 251-251, 2013
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