Bruno Abreu Calfa
Bruno Abreu Calfa
Staff Engineer, Raytheon Technologies Research Center
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צוטט על ידי
צוטט על ידי
Recent advances in mathematical programming techniques for the optimization of process systems under uncertainty
IE Grossmann, RM Apap, BA Calfa, P García-Herreros, Q Zhang
Computers & Chemical Engineering 91, 3-14, 2016
Evolution of concepts and models for quantifying resiliency and flexibility of chemical processes
IE Grossmann, BA Calfa, P Garcia-Herreros
Computers & Chemical Engineering 70, 22-34, 2014
Data-driven individual and joint chance-constrained optimization via kernel smoothing
BA Calfa, IE Grossmann, A Agarwal, SJ Bury, JM Wassick
Computers & Chemical Engineering 78, 51-69, 2015
On the fundamentals of Cr (III) removal from liquid streams by a bacterial strain
BA Calfa, ML Torem
Minerals Engineering 21 (1), 48-54, 2008
Hybrid bilevel-lagrangean decomposition scheme for the integration of planning and scheduling of a network of batch plants
BA Calfa, A Agarwal, IE Grossmann, JM Wassick
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 52 (5), 2152-2167, 2013
Optimal Procurement Contract Selection with Price Optimization under Uncertainty for Process Networks
BA Calfa, IE Grossmann
Computers & Chemical Engineering 82 (1), 330-343, 2015
Data-Driven Multi-Stage Scenario Tree Generation via Statistical Property and Distribution Matching
BA Calfa, A Agarwal, IE Grossmann, JM Wassick
Computers & Chemical Engineering 68 (1), 7-23, 2014
Property prediction of crystalline solids from composition and crystal structure
BA Calfa, JR Kitchin
AIChE Journal 62 (8), 2605-2613, 2016
Data-driven simulation and optimization approaches to incorporate production variability in sales and operations planning
BA Calfa, A Agarwal, SJ Bury, JM Wassick, IE Grossmann
Industrial & engineering chemistry research 54 (29), 7261-7272, 2015
Biorreagentes: aplicações na remoção de metais pesados contidos em efluentes líquidos por biossorção/bioflotação
BA Calfa, ML Torem
Rem: Revista Escola de Minas 60 (3), 537-542, 2007
A Memory-Efficient Implementation of Multi-Period Two- and Multi-Stage Stochastic Programming Models
BA Calfa
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