Clara de Vega
Clara de Vega
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Yeasts in floral nectar: a quantitative survey
CM Herrera, C de Vega, A Canto, MI Pozo
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Zooming-in on floral nectar: a first exploration of nectar-associated bacteria in wild plant communities
S Alvarez-Perez, CM Herrera, C de Vega
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Rosenbergiella australoborealis sp. nov., Rosenbergiella collisarenosi sp. nov. and Rosenbergiella epipactidis sp. nov., three novel bacterial species isolated from floral nectar
M Lenaerts, S Álvarez-Pérez, C de Vega, A Van Assche, SD Johnson, ...
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Permanent genetic resources added to molecular ecology resources database 1 October 2012–30 November 2012
Molecular Ecology Resources Primer Development Consortium, S Aksoy, ...
Molecular Ecology Resources 13 (2), 341-343, 2013
Metschnikowia proteae sp. nov., a nectarivorous insect-associated yeast species from Africa
C de Vega, B Guzman, MA Lachance, SL Steenhuisen, SD Johnson, ...
International journal of systematic and evolutionary microbiology 62 (10 …, 2012
Flowers as a reservoir of yeast diversity: description of Wickerhamiella nectarea fa sp. nov., and Wickerhamiella natalensis fa sp. nov. from South African flowers and …
C de Vega, RG Albaladejo, B Guzmán, SL Steenhuisen, SD Johnson, ...
FEMS yeast research 17 (5), 2017
Multilocus sequence analysis of nectar pseudomonads reveals high genetic diversity and contrasting recombination patterns
S Alvarez-Perez, C de Vega, CM Herrera
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Nectar yeasts of the Metschnikowia clade are highly susceptible to azole antifungals widely used in medicine and agriculture
S Álvarez-Pérez, C de Vega, MI Pozo, M Lenaerts, A Van Assche, ...
FEMS yeast research 16 (1), fov115, 2016
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