Tomislav Lipic
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צוטט על ידי
Fine-tuning convolutional neural networks for fine art classification
E Cetinic, T Lipic, S Grgic
Expert Systems with Applications 114, 107-118, 2018
4D thermal imaging system for medical applications
K Skala, T Lipić, I Sović, L Gjenero, I Grubišić
Periodicum biologorum 113 (4), 407-416, 2011
The cost of attack in competing networks
B Podobnik, D Horvatic, T Lipic, M Perc, JM Buldu, HE Stanley
Journal of the Royal Society Interface 12 (112), 20150770, 2015
A deep learning perspective on beauty, sentiment, and remembrance of art
E Cetinic, T Lipic, S Grgic
IEEE Access 7, 73694-73710, 2019
Bio-inspired clustering and data diffusion in machine social networks
I Bojic, T Lipic, V Podobnik
Computational social networks, 51-79, 2012
Active 3D scanning based 3D thermography system and medical applications
I Grubišić, L Gjenero, T Lipić, I Sović, T Skala
2011 Proceedings of the 34th International Convention MIPRO, 269-273, 2011
Implementation framework for artificial neural networks on fpga
P Škoda, T Lipić, À Srp, BM Rogina, K Skala, F Vajda
2011 Proceedings of the 34th International Convention MIPRO, 274-278, 2011
Predicting the lifetime of dynamic networks experiencing persistent random attacks
B Podobnik, T Lipic, D Horvatic, A Majdandzic, SR Bishop, HE Stanley
Scientific reports 5 (1), 1-15, 2015
Extending the JADE agent behaviour model with JBehaviourTrees Framework
I Bojic, T Lipic, M Kusek, G Jezic
KES International Symposium on Agent and Multi-Agent Systems: Technologies …, 2011
Learning the Principles of Art History with convolutional neural networks
E Cetinic, T Lipic, S Grgic
Pattern Recognition Letters 129, 56-62, 2020
Medical 3D thermography system
I Grubišić, L Gjenero, T Lipić, I Sović, T Skala
Periodicum biologorum 113 (4), 401-406, 2011
Delivering bioinformatics mapreduce applications in the cloud
L Forer, T Lipic, S Schönherr, H Weißensteiner, D Davidovic, ...
2014 37th International Convention on Information and Communication …, 2014
Vital fitness and health telemonitoring of elderly people
N Kiss, G Patai, P Hanák, T Lipic, P Skoda, L Gjenero, A Dubravic, ...
2011 Proceedings of the 34th International Convention MIPRO, 279-284, 2011
Application of infrared thermal imaging in blade system temperature monitoring
D Kolarić, T Lipić, I Grubišić, L Gjenero, K Skala
Proceedings ELMAR-2011, 309-312, 2011
CloudMan as a tool execution framework for the cloud
E Afgan, K Skala, D Davidović, T Lipić, I Sović
2012 Proceedings of the 35th International Convention MIPRO, 437-441, 2012
Computer supported thermography monitoring of hand strength evaluation by electronic dynamometer in rheumatoid arthritis–a pilot study
H Skala Kavanagh, A Dubravić, T LIPIĆ, I SOVIĆ, S Grazio
Periodicum biologorum 113 (4), 433-437, 2011
Brainhack: Developing a culture of open, inclusive, community-driven neuroscience
R Gau, S Noble, K Heuer, KL Bottenhorn, IP Bilgin, YF Yang, ...
Neuron 109 (11), 1769-1775, 2021
Deciphering big data stacks: An overview of big data tools
T Lipic, K Skala, E Afgan
Big Data Analytics: Challenges and Opportunities (BDAC-14), 2014
Scalability issues of firefly-based self-synchronization in collective adaptive systems
I Bojic, T Lipic, M Kusek
2014 IEEE Eighth International Conference on Self-Adaptive and Self …, 2014
Energy efficiency in large-scale distributed computing systems
R Trobec, M Depolli, K Skala, T Lipić
2013 36th International Convention on Information and Communication …, 2013
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