Charles W. Martin
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צוטט על ידי
Competitive interactions between invasive Nile tilapia and native fish: the potential for altered trophic exchange and modification of food webs
CW Martin, MM Valentine, JF Valentine
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Integrating organismal and population responses of estuarine fishes in Macondo spill research
FJ Fodrie, KW Able, F Galvez, KL Heck Jr, OP Jensen, PC López-Duarte, ...
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The role of citizens in detecting and responding to a rapid marine invasion
SB Scyphers, SP Powers, JL Akins, JM Drymon, CW Martin, ...
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Differential habitat use and antipredator response of juvenile roach (Rutilus rutilus) to olfactory and visual cues from multiple predators
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Impacts of a habitat-forming exotic species on estuarine structure and function: an experimental assessment of Eurasian milfoil
CW Martin, JF Valentine
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Effects of reduced hydrological connectivity on the nursery use of shallow estuarine habitats within a river delta
LP Rozas, CW Martin, JF Valentine
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Naïve prey exhibit reduced antipredator behavior and survivorship
CW Martin
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Eurasian milfoil invasion in estuaries: physical disturbance can reduce the proliferation of an aquatic nuisance species
CW Martin, JF Valentine
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Avoidance of oil contaminated sediments by estuarine fishes
CW Martin
Marine Ecology Progress Series 576, 125-134, 2017
Establishment of the Invasive Island Apple Snail Pomacea insularum (Gastropoda: Ampullariidae) and Eradication Efforts in Mobile, Alabama, USA
CW Martin, KM Bayha, JF Valentine
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Effects of oil-contaminated sediments on submerged vegetation: an experimental assessment of Ruppia maritima
CW Martin, LO Hollis, RE Turner
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CW Martin, JF Valentine
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Sexual and asexual reproductive strategies of invasive Eurasian milfoil (Myriophyllum spicatum) in estuarine environments
CW Martin, JF Valentine
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Fisheries rely on threatened salt marshes
R Baker, MD Taylor, KW Able, MW Beck, J Cebrian, DD Colombano, ...
Science 370 (6517), 670-671, 2020
Human actions alter tidal marsh seascapes and the provision of ecosystem services
BL Gilby, MP Weinstein, R Baker, J Cebrian, SB Alford, A Chelsky, ...
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Climate change implications for tidal marshes and food web linkages to estuarine and coastal nekton
DD Colombano, SY Litvin, SL Ziegler, SB Alford, R Baker, MA Barbeau, ...
Estuaries and Coasts, 1-12, 2021
Poleward expansion of common snook Centropomus undecimalis in the northeastern Gulf of Mexico and future research needs
CH Purtlebaugh, CW Martin, MS Allen
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Geographic variation in salt marsh structure and function for nekton: a guide to finding commonality across multiple scales
SL Ziegler, R Baker, SC Crosby, DD Colombano, MA Barbeau, J Cebrian, ...
Estuaries and Coasts, 1-11, 2021
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