Myoung Jun Park
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צוטט על ידי
Graphene oxide incorporated polysulfone substrate for the fabrication of flat-sheet thin-film composite forward osmosis membranes
MJ Park, S Phuntsho, T He, GM Nisola, LD Tijing, XM Li, G Chen, ...
Journal of Membrane Science 493, 496-507, 2015
Electrospun dual-layer nonwoven membrane for desalination by air gap membrane distillation
YC Woo, LD Tijing, MJ Park, M Yao, JS Choi, S Lee, SH Kim, KJ An, ...
Desalination 403, 187-198, 2017
Anti-fouling graphene-based membranes for effective water desalination
DH Seo, S Pineda, YC Woo, M Xie, AT Murdock, EYM Ang, Y Jiao, ...
Nature communications 9 (1), 1-12, 2018
Recyclable composite nanofiber adsorbent for Li+ recovery from seawater desalination retentate
MJ Park, GM Nisola, AB Beltran, REC Torrejos, JG Seo, SP Lee, H Kim, ...
Chemical Engineering Journal 254, 73-81, 2014
Effect of sulphonated polyethersulfone substrate for thin film composite forward osmosis membrane
S Sahebi, S Phuntsho, YC Woo, MJ Park, LD Tijing, S Hong, HK Shon
Desalination 389, 129-136, 2016
Hydrophilic polyvinyl alcohol coating on hydrophobic electrospun nanofiber membrane for high performance thin film composite forward osmosis membrane
MJ Park, RR Gonzales, A Abdel-Wahab, S Phuntsho, HK Shon
Desalination 426, 50-59, 2018
Dual-layered nanocomposite substrate membrane based on polysulfone/graphene oxide for mitigating internal concentration polarization in forward osmosis
S Lim, MJ Park, S Phuntsho, LD Tijing, GM Nisola, WG Shim, WJ Chung, ...
Polymer 110, 36-48, 2017
Mixed matrix nanofiber as a flow-through membrane adsorber for continuous Li+ recovery from seawater
MJ Park, GM Nisola, EL Vivas, LA Limjuco, CP Lawagon, JG Seo, H Kim, ...
Journal of Membrane Science 510, 141-154, 2016
Macroporous flexible polyvinyl alcohol lithium adsorbent foam composite prepared via surfactant blending and cryo-desiccation
GM Nisola, LA Limjuco, EL Vivas, CP Lawagon, MJ Park, H Shon, N Mittal, ...
Chemical Engineering Journal 280, 536-548, 2015
Recent advances in osmotic energy generation via pressure-retarded osmosis (PRO): a review
J Kim, K Jeong, MJ Park, HK Shon, JH Kim
Energies 8 (10), 11821-11845, 2015
Synthesis and characterization of multi-walled carbon nanotubes-supported dibenzo-14-crown-4 ether with proton ionizable carboxyl sidearm as Li+ adsorbents
REC Torrejos, GM Nisola, MJ Park, HK Shon, JG Seo, S Koo, WJ Chung
Chemical Engineering Journal 264, 89-98, 2015
Continuous lithium mining from aqueous resources by an adsorbent filter with a 3D polymeric nanofiber network infused with ion sieves
WJ Chung, REC Torrejos, MJ Park, EL Vivas, LA Limjuco, CP Lawagon, ...
Chemical Engineering Journal 309, 49-62, 2017
Melamine-based covalent organic framework-incorporated thin film nanocomposite membrane for enhanced osmotic power generation
RR Gonzales, MJ Park, TH Bae, Y Yang, A Abdel-Wahab, S Phuntsho, ...
Desalination 459, 10-19, 2019
Dual-layered nanocomposite membrane incorporating graphene oxide and halloysite nanotube for high osmotic power density and fouling resistance
S Lim, MJ Park, S Phuntsho, A Mai-Prochnow, AB Murphy, D Seo, H Shon
Journal of Membrane Science 564, 382-393, 2018
Modification of nanofiber support layer for thin film composite forward osmosis membranes via layer-by-layer polyelectrolyte deposition
RR Gonzales, MJ Park, L Tijing, DS Han, S Phuntsho, HK Shon
Membranes 8 (3), 70, 2018
Influence of colloidal fouling on pressure retarded osmosis
J Kim, MJ Park, M Park, HK Shon, SH Kim, JH Kim
Desalination 389, 207-214, 2016
Liquid–liquid extraction of Li+ using mixed ion carrier system at room temperature ionic liquid
REC Torrejos, GM Nisola, MJ Park, AB Beltran, JG Seo, SP Lee, ...
Desalination and Water Treatment 53 (10), 2774-2781, 2015
Novel CA/PVDF nanofiber supports strategically designed via coaxial electrospinning for high performance thin-film composite forward osmosis membranes for desalination
M Shibuya, MJ Park, S Lim, S Phuntsho, H Matsuyama, HK Shon
Desalination 445, 63-74, 2018
Thin-film composite hollow fiber membranes incorporated with graphene oxide in polyethersulfone support layers for enhanced osmotic power density
MJ Park, S Lim, RR Gonzales, S Phuntsho, DS Han, A Abdel-Wahab, ...
Desalination 464, 63-75, 2019
The potential of monocationic imidazolium-, phosphonium-, and ammonium-based hydrophilic ionic liquids as draw solutes for forward osmosis
HG Zeweldi, LA Limjuco, AP Bendoy, HS Kim, MJ Park, HK Shon, ...
Desalination 444, 94-106, 2018
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