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Total Structure and Electronic Properties of the Gold Nanocrystal Au36(SR)24
C Zeng, H Qian, T Li, G Li, NL Rosi, B Yoon, RN Barnett, RL Whetten, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 51 (52), 13114-13118, 2012
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C Zeng, T Li, A Das, NL Rosi, R Jin
Journal of the American Chemical Society 135 (27), 10011-10013, 2013
A 200‐fold Quantum Yield Boost in the Photoluminescence of Silver‐Doped AgxAu25−x Nanoclusters: The 13 th Silver Atom Matters
S Wang, X Meng, A Das, T Li, Y Song, T Cao, X Zhu, M Zhu, R Jin
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Enhanced ethylene separation and plasticization resistance in polymer membranes incorporating metal–organic framework nanocrystals
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Stepwise ligand exchange for the preparation of a family of mesoporous MOFs
T Li, MT Kozlowski, EA Doud, MN Blakely, NL Rosi
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Nonsuperatomic [Au23(SC6H11)16] Nanocluster Featuring Bipyramidal Au15 Kernel and Trimeric Au3(SR)4 Motif
A Das, T Li, K Nobusada, C Zeng, NL Rosi, R Jin
Journal of the American Chemical Society 135 (49), 18264-18267, 2013
Crystal structure and electronic properties of a thiolate-protected Au 24 nanocluster
A Das, T Li, G Li, K Nobusada, C Zeng, NL Rosi, R Jin
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Design and Preparation of a Core–Shell Metal–Organic Framework for Selective CO2 Capture
T Li, JE Sullivan, NL Rosi
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Lanthanide near infrared imaging in living cells with Yb3+ nano metal organic frameworks
A Foucault-Collet, KA Gogick, KA White, S Villette, A Pallier, G Collet, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110 (43), 17199-17204, 2013
Fabrication of MMMs with improved gas separation properties using externally-functionalized MOF particles
SR Venna, M Lartey, T Li, A Spore, S Kumar, HB Nulwala, DR Luebke, ...
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Total Structure and Optical Properties of a Phosphine/Thiolate-Protected Au24 Nanocluster
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Systematic modulation and enhancement of CO 2: N 2 selectivity and water stability in an isoreticular series of bio-MOF-11 analogues
T Li, DL Chen, JE Sullivan, MT Kozlowski, JK Johnson, NL Rosi
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Strain-promoted “click” modification of a mesoporous metal–organic framework
C Liu, T Li, NL Rosi
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Observation of Body‐Centered Cubic Gold Nanocluster
C Liu, T Li, G Li, K Nobusada, C Zeng, G Pang, NL Rosi, R Jin
Angewandte Chemie 127 (34), 9964-9967, 2015
Cyclopentanethiolato-Protected Au36(SC5H9)24 Nanocluster: Crystal Structure and Implications for the Steric and Electronic Effects of Ligand
A Das, C Liu, C Zeng, G Li, T Li, NL Rosi, R Jin
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Chiral Ag 23 nanocluster with open shell electronic structure and helical face-centered cubic framework
C Liu, T Li, H Abroshan, Z Li, C Zhang, HJ Kim, G Li, R Jin
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Photocatalytic hydrogen generation system using a nickel-thiolate hexameric cluster
HN Kagalwala, E Gottlieb, G Li, T Li, R Jin, S Bernhard
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Alumina-supported cobalt–adeninate MOF membranes for CO 2/CH 4 separation
Z Xie, T Li, NL Rosi, MA Carreon
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Interfacial Engineering in Metal–Organic Framework-Based Mixed Matrix Membranes Using Covalently Grafted Polyimide Brushes
H Wang, S He, X Qin, C Li, T Li
Journal of the American Chemical Society 140 (49), 17203–17210, 2018
Enhanced stability of HZSM-5 supported Ga 2 O 3 catalyst in propane dehydrogenation by dealumination
B Xu, T Li, B Zheng, W Hua, Y Yue, Z Gao
Catalysis letters 119 (3), 283-288, 2007
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