Ali Basiri
Ali Basiri
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צוטט על ידי
Use of a multi-spectral camera in the characterization of skin wounds
A Basiri, M Nabili, S Mathews, A Libin, S Groah, HJ Noordmans, ...
Optics express 18 (4), 3244-3257, 2010
Nature-inspired chiral metasurfaces for circular polarization detection and full-Stokes polarimetric measurements
A Basiri, X Chen, J Bai, P Amrollahi, J Carpenter, Z Holman, C Wang, ...
Light: Science & Applications 8 (1), 1-11, 2019
Light localization induced by a random imaginary refractive index
A Basiri, Y Bromberg, A Yamilov, H Cao, T Kottos
Physical Review A 90 (4), 043815, 2014
Chip-integrated plasmonic flat optics for mid-infrared full-Stokes polarization detection
J Bai, C Wang, X Chen, A Basiri, C Wang, Y Yao
Photonics Research 7 (9), 1051-1060, 2019
Light scattering in pseudo-passive media with uniformly balanced gain and loss
A Basiri, I Vitebskiy, T Kottos
SPIE Proceedings 9546, 2015
Light scattering in pseudopassive media with uniformly balanced gain and loss
A Basiri, I Vitebskiy, T Kottos
Physical Review A 91 (6), 063843, 2015
A new phenotypic manifestation of familial adenomatous polyposis
DL Edelstein, FM Giardiello, A Basiri, LM Hylind, K Romans, JE Axilbund, ...
Familial cancer 10 (2), 309-313, 2011
Critical states embedded in the continuum
M Koirala, A Yamilov, A Basiri, Y Bromberg, H Cao and T Kottos
New Journal of Physics 17, 013003, 2015
Detection of familial adenomatous polyposis with orthogonal polarized spectroscopy of the oral mucosa vasculature
A Basiri, DL Edelstein, J Graham, A Nabili, FM Giardiello, ...
Journal of biophotonics 4 (10), 707-714, 2011
Measuring the retina optical properties using a structured illumination imaging system
A Basiri, TA Nguyen, M Ibrahim, QD Nguyen, JC Ramella-Roman
Ophthalmic Technologies XXI 7885, 78851X, 2011
Imaging spectroscopy of thermal and electrical burs
TA Nguyen, A Basiri, JC Ramella-Roman
Photonic Therapeutics and Diagnostics VI 7548, 75480C, 2010
Chromophore‐Free Sealing and Repair of Soft Tissues Using Mid‐Infrared Light‐Activated Biosealants
I Ridha, A Basiri, S Godeshala, MZE Rafique, D Ghosh, J Williams, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 31 (6), 2007811, 2021
Autonomic dysreflexia in spinal cord injury: its role in altering skin perfusion and oxygenation
J Ramella-Roman, A Basiri, J Hidler, I Ljungberg, S Groah
Topics in Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation 16 (3), 46-57, 2011
A Novel Model of Skin Electrical Injury
TTA Nguyen, A Basiri, JW Shupp, AR Pavlovich, MH Jordan, Z Sanford, ...
26th Southern Biomedical Engineering Conference SBEC 2010, April 30-May 2 …, 2010
Ultra-fast optical modulation and ultra-short pulse generation based on tunable graphene-plasmonic hybrid metasurfaces
Y Yao, A Basiri
US Patent App. 17/219,607, 2021
Deterministic assembly of single emitters in sub-5 nanometer optical cavity formed by gold nanorod dimers on three-dimensional DNA origami
YLCW Zhi Zhao, Xiahui Chen, Jiawei Zuo, Ali Basiri, Shinhyuk Choi, Yu Yao
Nano Research, 2021
Tunable Non-Hermitian Acoustic Filter
S Puri, J Ferdous, A Shakeri, A Basiri, M Dubois, H Ramezani
Physical Review Applied 16 (1), 014012, 2021
On-chip polarization detection and polarimetric imaging
Y Yao, C Wang, C Wang, J Bai, A Basiri, X Chen
US Patent App. 16/956,988, 2021
Methods and apparatus for measuring blood oxygenation of tissue
A Basiri
US Patent App. 16/884,747, 2021
Methods and apparatus for measuring blood oxygenation of tissue
A Basiri
US Patent 10,694,985, 2020
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