Alon Levkowitz
Alon Levkowitz
Beit Berl College and Bar Ilan University
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צוטט על ידי
צוטט על ידי
From holy land to ‘Hallyu Land’: The symbolic journey following the Korean wave in Israel
I Lyan, A Levkowitz
The Journal of Fandom Studies 3 (1), 7-21, 2015
Korea and the Middle East turmoil: a reassessment of South Korea–Middle East relations
A Levkowitz
The Korean journal of defense analysis 24 (2), 225-238, 2012
The Republic of Korea and the Middle East: Economics, diplomacy and security
A Levkowitz
Korea Economic Institute 5 (6), 1-9, 2010
Israeli Hallyu Case Study
I Lyan, A Levkowitz
Hallyu 2.0: The Korean Wave in the Age of Social Media, 212, 2015
Evaluating Strategic Arms Limitation Agreements, with Applications to the Israeli–Syrian and the North versus South Korean Conflicts
K Kagan, A Levkowitz, A Tishler, A Weiss
Defence and peace economics 20 (2), 95-121, 2009
Why Do We Not Understand the DPRK?
A Levkowitz
North Korean Review, 94-100, 2007
South Korea's Middle East Policy
A Levkowitz
Bar-Ilan University, 2013
Korea, History and Politics
A Levkowitz
Tel Aviv: Tel Aviv University Press (in, 2003
The seventh withdrawal: has the US forces' journey back home from Korea begun?
A Levkowitz
International Relations of the Asia-Pacific 8 (2), 131-148, 2008
Iran and North-Korea Military Cooperation: A Partnership within the ‘Axis of Evil,'
A Levkowitz
Iran Pulse 10, 2007
North Korea and the Middle east
A Levkowitz
Mideast Security and Policy Studies …, 2017
Implications of Greater Chinese Involvement in the Mideast
A Levkowitz
BESA Center Perspectives Paper 332, 2016
Upgrading Israeli-South Korean relations: Can Seoul tilt in favor of Jerusalem?
A Levkowitz
The Middle East-Asia Project, 2014
Attitudes towards judicial review in Japan and South Korea: indications for the existence of a liberal-democratic civic culture
S Ben-Rafael Galanti, A Levkowitz
International Review of Sociology 25 (2), 318-332, 2015
The disparity between South Korea’s engagement and security policies towards North Korea: The realist-liberal pendulum
A Levkowitz
Korea Yearbook (2008), 125-147, 2008
Media Frenzy Notwithstanding, Kim Jong-un Is Apparently Still Alive
A Levkowitz
BESA Center Perspectives Paper 1556 (Kim Jong-un), 2020
South Korea’s Approach to Coronavirus
A Levkowitz
BESA Center Perspectives Paper 1518, 2020
You Only Live Twice, Korean Style
DA Levkowitz
BESA Center Perspectives Paper 1463 (North Krean Leadership), 2020
Trump’s Higher Price Tag Makes Japan and South Korea Weigh Their Options
A Levkowitz
BESA Center Perspectives Paper 1388 (Korea and Japan US alliance), 2020
The Cost of Sanctions on North Korea
ALR Shauli
BESA Center Perspectives Paper 1269 (North Korean Sanctions), 2019
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