Isabel Orf
Isabel Orf
Human Metabolome Technologies
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Recent applications of metabolomics toward cyanobacteria
D Schwarz, I Orf, J Kopka, M Hagemann
Metabolites 3 (1), 72-100, 2013
Integrated transcriptomic and metabolomic characterization of the low-carbon response using an ndhR mutant of Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803
S Klähn, I Orf, D Schwarz, JKF Matthiessen, J Kopka, WR Hess, ...
Plant physiology 169 (3), 1540-1556, 2015
Profiling methods to identify cold-regulated primary metabolites using gas chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry
F Dethloff, A Erban, I Orf, J Alpers, I Fehrle, O Beine-Golovchuk, S Schmidt, ...
Plant Cold Acclimation, 171-197, 2014
Does 2‐phosphoglycolate serve as an internal signal molecule of inorganic carbon deprivation in the cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803?
M Haimovich‐Dayan, J Lieman‐Hurwitz, I Orf, M Hagemann, A Kaplan
Environmental Microbiology 17 (5), 1794-1804, 2015
Effects of inorganic carbon limitation on the metabolome of the Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 mutant defective in glnB encoding the central regulator PII of cyanobacterial C/N …
D Schwarz, I Orf, J Kopka, M Hagemann
Metabolites 4 (2), 232-247, 2014
Integrated analysis of engineered carbon limitation in a quadruple CO2/HCO3− uptake mutant of Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803
I Orf, S Klähn, D Schwarz, M Frank, WR Hess, M Hagemann, J Kopka
Plant Physiology 169 (3), 1787-1806, 2015
Can cyanobacteria serve as a model of plant photorespiration?–a comparative meta-analysis of metabolite profiles
I Orf, S Timm, H Bauwe, AR Fernie, M Hagemann, J Kopka, Z Nikoloski
Journal of experimental botany 67 (10), 2941-2952, 2016
CyAbrB2 Contributes to the Transcriptional Regulation of Low CO2 Acclimation in Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803
I Orf, D Schwarz, A Kaplan, J Kopka, WR Hess, M Hagemann, S Klähn
Plant and Cell Physiology 57 (10), 2232-2243, 2016
Metabolic flexibility underpins growth capabilities of the fastest growing alga
H Treves, O Murik, I Kedem, D Eisenstadt, S Meir, I Rogachev, ...
Current Biology 27 (16), 2559-2567. e3, 2017
Metabolome and lipidome profiles of Populus× canescens twig tissues during annual growth show phospholipid-linked storage and mobilization of C, N, and S
M Watanabe, F Netzer, T Tohge, I Orf, Y Brotman, D Dubbert, AR Fernie, ...
Frontiers in Plant Science 9, 1292, 2018
Cytochrome respiration pathway and sulphur metabolism sustain stress tolerance to low temperature in the Antarctic species Colobanthus quitensis
MJ Clemente‐Moreno, N Omranian, P Sáez, CM Figueroa, N Del‐Saz, ...
New Phytologist 225 (2), 754-768, 2020
Rapid in situ 13 C tracing of sucrose utilization in Arabidopsis sink and source leaves
F Dethloff, I Orf, J Kopka
Plant methods 13 (1), 1-19, 2017
Low‐temperature tolerance of the Antarctic species Deschampsia antarctica: A complex metabolic response associated with nutrient remobilization
MJ Clemente‐Moreno, N Omranian, PL Sáez, CM Figueroa, N Del‐Saz, ...
Plant, Cell & Environment 43 (6), 1376-1393, 2020
Multiplexed Profiling and Data Processing Methods to Identify Temperature-Regulated Primary Metabolites Using Gas Chromatography Coupled to Mass Spectrometry
A Erban, F Martinez-Seidel, Y Rajarathinam, F Dethloff, I Orf, I Fehrle, ...
Plant Cold Acclimation, 203-239, 2020
Understanding the Functionality of a Biological System as a Whole: Comparative Data Analysis
I Orf
Plant Metabolomics, 311-319, 2018
Photorespiratory Metabolism in the Cyanobacterial Model Synechocystis Sp. Strain PCC 6803: A Systems Biology Approach
I Orf
Universität Potsdam, Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät, 2016
Integrated Analysis of Engineered Carbon Limitation in a Quadruple CO
I Orf, S Klähn, D Schwarz, M Frank, WR Hess, M Hagemann, J Kopka
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