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Controlled synthesis of linear and comb-like glycopolymers for preparation of honeycomb-patterned films
BB Ke, LS Wan, WX Zhang, ZK Xu
Polymer 51 (10), 2168-2176, 2010
Photo-cross-linked anion exchange membranes with improved water management and conductivity
SP Ertem, TH Tsai, MM Donahue, W Zhang, H Sarode, Y Liu, S Seifert, ...
Macromolecules 49 (1), 153-161, 2016
Directed Self‐Assembly of Poly (2‐vinylpyridine)‐b‐polystyrene‐b‐poly (2‐vinylpyridine) Triblock Copolymer with Sub‐15 nm Spacing Line Patterns Using a Nanoimprinted …
Z Sun, Z Chen, W Zhang, J Choi, C Huang, G Jeong, EB Coughlin, Y Hsu, ...
Advanced Materials 27 (29), 4364-4370, 2015
Achieving continuous anion transport domains using block copolymers containing phosphonium cations
W Zhang, Y Liu, AC Jackson, AM Savage, SP Ertem, TH Tsai, S Seifert, ...
Macromolecules 49 (13), 4714-4722, 2016
FSI-inspired solvent and “full fluorosulfonyl” electrolyte for 4 V class lithium-metal batteries
W Xue, Z Shi, M Huang, S Feng, C Wang, F Wang, J Lopez, B Qiao, G Xu, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 13 (1), 212-220, 2020
Cleavable comonomers enable degradable, recyclable thermoset plastics
P Shieh, W Zhang, KEL Husted, SL Kristufek, B Xiong, DJ Lundberg, ...
Nature 583 (7817), 542-547, 2020
Mapping a stable solvent structure landscape for aprotic Li–air battery organic electrolytes
S Feng, M Chen, L Giordano, M Huang, W Zhang, CV Amanchukwu, ...
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Using block copolymer architecture to achieve sub-10 nm periods
Z Sun, W Zhang, S Hong, Z Chen, X Liu, S Xiao, EB Coughlin, TP Russell
Polymer 121, 297-303, 2017
Reduction of (Meth) acrylate-Based Block Copolymers Provides Access to Self-Assembled Materials with Ultrasmall Domains
W Zhang, M Huang, S Abdullatif, M Chen, Y Shao-Horn, JA Johnson
Macromolecules 51 (17), 6757-6763, 2018
PolyMOF nanoparticles: dual roles of a multivalent polyMOF ligand in size control and surface functionalization
Y Gu, M Huang, W Zhang, MA Pearson, JA Johnson
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 58 (46), 16676-16681, 2019
Fluorinated Aryl Sulfonimide Tagged (FAST) salts: modular synthesis and structure–property relationships for battery applications
M Huang, S Feng, W Zhang, L Giordano, M Chen, CV Amanchukwu, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 11 (5), 1326-1334, 2018
Macroporous, protein-containing films cast from water-in-oil emulsions featuring a block-copolymer
WX Zhang, LS Wan, XL Meng, JW Li, BB Ke, PC Chen, ZK Xu
Soft Matter 7 (9), 4221-4227, 2011
Molecular Design of Stable Sulfamide-and Sulfonamide-Based Electrolytes for Aprotic Li-O2 Batteries
S Feng, M Huang, JR Lamb, W Zhang, R Tatara, Y Zhang, YG Zhu, ...
Chem 5 (10), 2630-2641, 2019
ABC triblock bottlebrush copolymer-based injectable hydrogels: design, synthesis, and application to expanding the therapeutic index of cancer immunochemotherapy
F Vohidov, LE Milling, Q Chen, W Zhang, S Bhagchandani, HVT Nguyen, ...
Chemical Science 11 (23), 5974-5986, 2020
Thin, robust, and chemically stable photo-cross-linked anion exchange membranes based on a polychlorostyrene-b-polycyclooctene-b-polychlorostyrene ABA triblock polymer
Y Liu, TP Pandey, HN Sarode, MC Kuo, W Zhang, R Gupta, S Galioto, ...
Solid State Ionics 316, 135-142, 2018
Insights into the Water Transport Mechanism in Polymeric Membranes from Neutron Scattering
EP Chan, BR Frieberg, K Ito, J Tarver, M Tyagi, W Zhang, EB Coughlin, ...
Macromolecules 53 (4), 1443-1450, 2020
Phosphonium-Containing Block Copolymer Anion Exchange Membranes: Effect of Quaternization Level on Bulk and Surface Morphologies at Hydrated and Dehydrated States
AM Barnes, Y Du, W Zhang, S Seifert, SK Buratto, EB Coughlin
Macromolecules 52 (16), 6097-6106, 2019
Design of S-Substituted Fluorinated Aryl Sulfonamide-Tagged (S-FAST) Anions To Enable New Solvate Ionic Liquids for Battery Applications
M Huang, S Feng, W Zhang, J Lopez, B Qiao, R Tatara, L Giordano, ...
Chemistry of Materials 31 (18), 7558-7564, 2019
Ring-opening metathesis polymerization of cobaltocenium derivative to prepare anion exchange membrane with high ionic conductivity
H Yuan, Y Liu, TH Tsai, X Liu, SB Kim, R Gupta, W Zhang, SP Ertem, ...
Polyhedron 181, 114462, 2020
Crosslinked anion exchange membranes with connected cations
W Zhang, Y Liu, X Liu, JL Horan, Y Jin, X Ren, SP Ertem, S Seifert, ...
Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry 56 (6), 618-625, 2018
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