Adam M. Wellstead
Adam M. Wellstead
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To bridge the divide between evidence and policy: reduce ambiguity as much as uncertainty
P Cairney, K Oliver, A Wellstead
Public Administration Review 76 (3), 399-402, 2016
Risk and climate change: perceptions of key policy actors in Canada
RC Stedman, D Davidson, AM Wellstead
Risk Analysis 24 (5), 1395-1406, 2004
Policy analysts in the bureaucracy revisited: The nature of professional policy work in contemporary government
M Howlett, AM Wellstead
Politics & Policy 39 (4), 613-633, 2011
Opening up the black box of adaptation decision-making
R Biesbroek, J Dupuis, A Jordan, A Wellstead, M Howlett, P Cairney, ...
Nature Climate Change 5 (6), 493-494, 2015
Why we disagree about assisted migration: Ethical implications of a key debate regarding the future of Canada's forests
I Aubin, CM Garbe, S Colombo, CR Drever, DW McKenney, C Messier, ...
The Forestry Chronicle 87 (6), 755-765, 2011
Policy analytical capacity in changing governance contexts: A structural equation model (SEM) study of contemporary Canadian policy work
AM Wellstead, RC Stedman, M Howlett
Public Policy and Administration 26 (3), 353-373, 2011
The (post) staples economy and the (post) staples state in historical perspective
A Wellstead
Canadian Political Science Review 1 (1), 8-25, 2007
Beetles, trees, and people: regional economic impact sensitivity and policy considerations related to the mountain pine beetle infestation in British Columbia, Canada
MN Patriquin, AM Wellstead, WA White
Forest Policy and Economics 9 (8), 938-946, 2007
Understanding the concept of representation within the context of local forest management decision making
AM Wellstead, RC Stedman, JR Parkins
Forest Policy and Economics 5 (1), 1-11, 2003
The nature of regional policy work in Canada's public service
A Wellstead, RC Stedman, E Lindquist
Canadian Political Science Review 3 (1), 34-56, 2009
Policy Capacity and Incapacity in Canada's Federal Government: The intersection of policy analysis and street-level bureaucracy
A Wellstead, R Stedman
Public Management Review 12 (6), 893-910, 2010
Explaining through causal mechanisms: resilience and governance of social–ecological systems
R Biesbroek, J Dupuis, A Wellstead
Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability 28, 64-70, 2017
The neglect of governance in forest sector vulnerability assessments: structural-functionalism and “black box” problems in climate change adaptation planning
AM Wellstead, M Howlett, J Rayner
Ecology and Society 18 (3), 2013
From Kyoto to Paris: measuring renewable energy policy regimes in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Mexico and the United States
EC Pischke, B Solomon, A Wellstead, A Acevedo, A Eastmond, ...
Energy Research & Social Science 50, 82-91, 2019
The distribution of analytical techniques in policy advisory systems: Policy formulation and the tools of policy appraisal
M Howlett, SL Tan, A Migone, A Wellstead, B Evans
Public Policy and Administration 29 (4), 271-291, 2014
Comparing sub-national policy workers in Canada and the Czech Republic: Who are they, what they do, and why it matters?
A Veselý, A Wellstead, B Evans
Policy and Society 33 (2), 103-115, 2014
COVID-19: effective policymaking depends on trust in experts, politicians, and the public
P Cairney, A Wellstead
Policy Design and Practice 4 (1), 1-14, 2021
Adapting forest management to the impacts of climate change in Canada: a BIOCAP research integration program synthesis paper
M Johnston, T Williamson, D Price, A Wellstead, D Spittlehouse, P Gray, ...
Dispersed Capacity and Weak Coordination: The Challenge of Climate Change Adaptation in C anada's Forest Policy Sector
J Rayner, K McNutt, A Wellstead
Review of Policy Research 30 (1), 66-90, 2013
New governance arrangements at the intersection of climate change and forest policy: institutional, political and regulatory dimensions
M Doelle, C Henschel, J Smith, C Tollefson, A Wellstead
Public Administration 90 (1), 37-55, 2012
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