Dominik Hartmann
Dominik Hartmann
Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), Department of Economics and International Relations
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Linking economic complexity, institutions and income inequality
D Hartmann, MR Guevara, C Jara-Figueroa, M Aristarán, CA Hidalgo
World Development, 2017
Economic complexity and human development: how economic diversification and social networks affect human agency and welfare
D Hartmann
Routledge Studies in Development Economics, 2014
The Research Space: using the career paths of scholars to predict the evolution of the research output of individuals, institutions, and nations
M Guevara, D Hartmann, M Aristaran, M Mendoza, C Hidalgo
Scientometrics 109 (3), 1695–1709, 2016
Shooting low or high: Do countries benefit from entering unrelated activities?
FL Pinheiro, A Alshamsi, D Hartmann, R Boschma, C Hidalgo
Papers in Evolutionary Economic Geography 18 (07), 2018
The structural constraints of income inequality in Latin America
D Hartmann, C Jara-Figueroa, M Guevara, A Simoes, C Hidalgo
Integration & Trade Journal, p.70-85, 2016
diverse: an R Package to Analyze Diversity in Complex Systems
MR Guevara, D Hartmann, M Mendoza
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International trade, development traps, and the core-periphery structure of income inequality
D Hartmann, M Bezerra, B Lodolo, FL Pinheiro
EconomiA, 2019
Innovation, economic diversification and human development
D Hartmann, A Pyka
FZID Discussion Papers, 2013
Applying comprehensive neo-schumpeterian economics to Latin American economies
D Hartmann, A Pyka, H Hanusch
Structural Change and Economic Dynamics 21 (1), 70-83, 2010
Intermediate Levels of Network Heterogeneity Provide the Best Evolutionary Outcomes
F Pinheiro, D Hartmann
Scientific Reports 7, 15242, 2017
Sen meets Schumpeter: introducing structural and dynamic elements into the human capability approach
D Hartmann
FZID Discussion Papers, 2012
Measuring social capital and innovation in poor agricultural communities: the case of Cháparra, Peru
D Hartmann, A Arata
FZID Discussion Paper, 2011
Linking Human Development and the Financial Responsibility of Regions: Combined Index Proposals Using Methods from Data Envelopment Analysis
D Ferraz, EB Mariano, D Rebelatto, D Hartmann
Social Indicators Research, 2020
Understanding the Lisbon Strategy and policies from a Neo-Schumpeterian point of view.
D Hartmann
Revista Universitaria Europea 7, 15-40, 2007
Connecting the Dots: A Road Map for Better Integration in Latin America and the Caribbean
M Mesquita Moreira, J Blyde, P Giordano, M Rodriguez Chatruc, K Li, ...
The economic diversification and innovation system of Turkey from a global comparative perspective
D Hartmann
Pyka, A., Kustepeli, Y. & Hartmann, D.(2016, eds.). International Innovation …, 2016
Una revisión del pensamiento evolucionista y el enfoque de los sistemas de innovación
M Calderón, D Hartmann
R UDICS, 1-18, 2010
Why did some countries catch-up, while others got stuck in the middle? Stages of productive sophistication and smart industrial policies
D Hartmann, L Zagato, P Gala, FL Pinheiro
Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, 2021
Mapping stratification: The industry-occupation space reveals the network structure of inequality
D Hartmann, C Jara-Figueroa, M Kaltenberg, P Gala
Available at SSRN 3399239, 2019
International Innovation Networks and Knowledge Migration: The German-Turkish nexus
A Pyka, Y Kustepeli, D Hartmann
Routledge Lisbon Civic Forum Studies in Innovation, 2016
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