Thomas Guhr
Thomas Guhr
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צוטט על ידי
צוטט על ידי
Random-matrix theories in quantum physics: common concepts
T Guhr, A Müller–Groeling, HA Weidenmüller
Physics Reports 299 (4-6), 189-425, 1998
Random matrix approach to cross correlations in financial data
V Plerou, P Gopikrishnan, B Rosenow, LAN Amaral, T Guhr, HE Stanley
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Bulk properties of the medium produced in relativistic heavy-ion collisions from the beam energy scan program
L Adamczyk, JK Adkins, G Agakishiev, MM Aggarwal, Z Ahammed, ...
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Isospin mixing and spectral fluctuation properties
T Guhr, HA Weidenmüller
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Spectral statistics of acoustic resonances in aluminum blocks
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Identifying states of a financial market
MC Münnix, T Shimada, R Schäfer, F Leyvraz, TH Seligman, T Guhr, ...
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Symmetry breaking and spectral statistics of acoustic resonances in quartz blocks
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Dyson’s correlation functions and graded symmetry
T Guhr
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Microscopic spectrum of the QCD Dirac operator with finite quark masses
T Wilke, T Guhr, T Wettig
Physical Review D 57 (10), 6486, 1998
A new method to estimate the noise in financial correlation matrices
T Guhr, B Kälber
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Universal spectral correlations of the Dirac operator at finite temperature
T Guhr, T Wettig
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An Itzykson–Zuber‐like integral and diffusion for complex ordinary and supermatrices
T Guhr, T Wettig
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Strain in semiconductor core-shell nanowires
J Grönqvist, N Søndergaard, F Boxberg, T Guhr, S Åberg, HQ Xu
Journal of Applied Physics 106 (5), 053508, 2009
Transitions toward quantum chaos: with supersymmetry from Poisson to Gauss
T Guhr
annals of physics 250 (1), 145-192, 1996
Coexistence of collectivity and chaos in nuclei
T Guhr, HA Weidenmüller
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Crossover to non-universal microscopic spectral fluctuations in lattice gauge theory
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Coupled microwave billiards as a model for symmetry breaking
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Impact of the tick-size on financial returns and correlations
MC Münnix, R Schäfer, T Guhr
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Level spacing distribution of scissors mode states in heavy deformed nuclei
J Enders, T Guhr, N Huxel, P von Neumann-Cosel, C Rangacharyulu, ...
Physics Letters B 486 (3-4), 273-278, 2000
Excitation energy and transition strength systematics of mixed symmetric Jπ= 1+ states from inelastic electron scattering
U Hartmann, D Bohle, T Guhr, KD Hummel, G Kilgus, U Milkau, A Richter
Nuclear Physics A 465 (1), 25-34, 1987
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