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Adsorption of phosphate from aqueous solutions and sewage using zirconium loaded okara (ZLO): Fixed-bed column study
TVNBXT T.A.H. Nguyen, H.H. Ngo, W.S. Gui, T.Q. Pham, F.M. Li
Science of Total Environment 523, 40-49, 2015
Modification of agricultural waste/by-products for enhanced phosphate removal and recovery: potential and obstacles
TAH Nguyen, HH Ngo, WS Guo, J Zhang, S Liang, DJ Lee, PD Nguyen, ...
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Bioprocessing for elimination antibiotics and hormones from swine wastewater
DL Cheng, HH Ngo, WS Guo, YW Liu, JL Zhou, SW Chang, DD Nguyen, ...
Science of The Total Environment 621, 1664-1682, 2017
Multicriteria assessment of advanced treatment technologies for micropollutants removal at large-scale applications
NHH Thanh B.X., Tram V.T.P., Guo W., Tin N.T.
Science of Total Environment, 2016
Characterization of aerobic granular sludge at various organic loading rates
BX Thanh, C Visvanathan, RB Aim
Process Biochemistry 44 (2), 242-245, 2009
Mangrove mapping and change detection in Ca Mau Peninsula, Vietnam, using Landsat data and object-based image analysis
NT Son, CF Chen, NB Chang, CR Chen, LY Chang, BX Thanh
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote …, 2014
Can algae-based technologies be an affordable green process for biofuel production and wastewater remediation?
PVH Nhat, HH Ngo, WS Guo, SW Chang, DD Nguyen, PD Nguyen, ...
Bioresource technology 256, 491-501, 2018
Fouling characterization in aerobic granulation coupled baffled membrane separation unit
BX Thanh, C Visvanathan, M Spérandio, RB Aim
Journal of Membrane Science 318 (1-2), 334-339, 2008
A methodology to characterize riverine macroplastic emission into the ocean
T van Emmerik, TC Kieu-Le, M Loozen, K van Oeveren, E Strady, XT Bui, ...
Frontiers in Marine Science 5, 372, 2018
Removal of antibiotics in sponge membrane bioreactors treating hospital wastewater: Comparison between hollow fiber and flat sheet membrane systems
TT Nguyen, XT Bui, VP Luu, PD Nguyen, W Guo, HH Ngo
Bioresource technology 240, 42-49, 2017
Assessment of urbanization and urban heat islands in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam using Landsat data
NT Son, CF Chen, CR Chen, BX Thanh, TH Vuong
Sustainable cities and society 30, 150-161, 2017
Application of a partial nitritation and anammox system for the old landfill leachate treatment
PT Nhat, HN Biec, NTT Mai, BX Thanh, NP Dan
International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation 95, 144-150, 2014
Influence of salinity intrusion on the speciation and partitioning of mercury in the Mekong River Delta
S Noh, M Choi, E Kim, NP Dan, BX Thanh, NT Van Ha, S Sthiannopkao, ...
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 106, 379-390, 2013
Simultaneous nitrification denitrification in a batch granulation membrane airlift bioreactor
P Vijayalayan, BX Thanh, C Visvanathan
International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation 95, 139-143, 2014
Vertical stratification of volatile organic compounds and their photochemical product formation potential in an industrial urban area
C Lin, CE Weng, CS Yuan, CW Lee, CH Hung, XT Bui, KC Lo, JX Lin
Journal of environmental management 217, 327-336, 2018
Performance and membrane fouling of two types of laboratory-scale submerged membrane bioreactors for hospital wastewater treatment at low flux condition
TT Nguyen, XT Bui, DD Nguyen, PD Nguyen, HH Ngo, W Guo
Separation and Purification Technology 165, 123-129, 2016
Impact of reactor configurations on the performance of a granular anaerobic membrane bioreactor for municipal wastewater treatment
C Chen, W Guo, HH Ngo, SW Chang, DD Nguyen, PD Nguyen, XT Bui, ...
International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation 121, 131-138, 2017
High rate nitrogen removal by ANAMMOX internal circulation reactor (IC) for old landfill leachate treatment
TN Phan, TT Van Truong, NB Ha, PD Nguyen, XT Bui, BT Dang, J Park, ...
Bioresource technology 234, 281-288, 2017
Fouling characterization and nitrogen removal in a batch granulation membrane bioreactor
BX Thanh, C Visvanathan, RB Aim
International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation 85, 491-498, 2013
Hospital wastewater treatment by sponge membrane bioreactor coupled with ozonation process
XT Bui, SS Chen, PD Nguyen, TT Nguyen, TB Nguyen
Chemosphere 230, 377-383, 2019
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