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צוטט על ידי
A computational fluid mechanics solution to the Monge-Kantorovich mass transfer problem
JD Benamou, Y Brenier
Numerische Mathematik 84 (3), 375-393, 2000
Iterative Bregman projections for regularized transportation problems
JD Benamou, G Carlier, M Cuturi, L Nenna, G Peyré
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A domain decomposition method for the Helmholtz equation and related optimal control problems
JD Benamou, B Desprès
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Numerical solution of the optimal transportation problem using the Monge–Ampère equation
JD Benamou, BD Froese, AM Oberman
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Weak existence for the semigeostrophic equations formulated as a coupled Monge--Ampère/transport problem
JD Benamou, Y Brenier
SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics 58 (5), 1450-1461, 1998
Big ray tracing: Multivalued travel time field computation using viscosity solutions of the eikonal equation
JD Benamou
Two numerical methods for the elliptic Monge-Ampere equation
JD Benamou, BD Froese, AM Oberman
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Augmented Lagrangian methods for transport optimization, mean field games and degenerate elliptic equations
JD Benamou, G Carlier
Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications 167 (1), 1-26, 2015
Direct Computation of Multi Valued Phase-Space Solutions for Hamilton-Jacobi Equations
JD Benamou
A numerical method for the optimal time-continuous mass transport problem and related problems
JD Benamou, Y Brenier
Contemporary mathematics 226, 1-12, 1999
High frequency limit of the Helmholtz equations
JD Benamou, F Castella, T Katsaounis, B Perthame
Revista matemática iberoamericana 18 (1), 187-209, 2002
The Monge–Kantorovitch mass transfer and its computational fluid mechanics formulation
JD Benamou, Y Brenier, K Guittet
International Journal for Numerical methods in fluids 40 (1‐2), 21-30, 2002
Numerical resolution of an “unbalanced” mass transport problem
JD Benamou
ESAIM: Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis-Modélisation …, 2003
Variational mean field games
JD Benamou, G Carlier, F Santambrogio
Active Particles, Volume 1, 141-171, 2017
An introduction to Eulerian geometrical optics (1992–2002)
JD Benamou
Journal of scientific computing 19 (1), 63-93, 2003
A domain decomposition method with coupled transmission conditions for the optimal control of systems governed by elliptic partial differential equations
JD Benamou
SIAM journal on numerical analysis 33 (6), 2401-2416, 1996
Domain decomposition, optimal control of systems governed by partial differential equations, and synthesis of feedback laws
JD Benamou
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Discretization of functionals involving the Monge–Ampère operator
JD Benamou, G Carlier, Q Mérigot, E Oudet
Numerische mathematik 134 (3), 611-636, 2016
Mixed L 2-Wasserstein Optimal Mapping Between Prescribed Density Functions
JD Benamou, Y Brenier
Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications 111 (2), 255-271, 2001
Monotone and consistent discretization of the Monge-Ampere operator
JD Benamou, F Collino, JM Mirebeau
Mathematics of computation 85 (302), 2743-2775, 2016
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