Sherub Phuntsho
Sherub Phuntsho
Senior Lecturer, School of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Information
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A novel low energy fertilizer driven forward osmosis desalination for direct fertigation: evaluating the performance of fertilizer draw solutions
S Phuntsho, HK Shon, S Hong, S Lee, S Vigneswaran
Journal of Membrane Science 375 (1-2), 172-181, 2011
A comprehensive review of hybrid forward osmosis systems: Performance, applications and future prospects
L Chekli, S Phuntsho, JE Kim, J Kim, JY Choi, JS Choi, S Kim, JH Kim, ...
Journal of Membrane Science 497, 430-449, 2016
A review of draw solutes in forward osmosis process and their use in modern applications
L Chekli, S Phuntsho, HK Shon, S Vigneswaran, J Kandasamy, A Chanan
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Graphene oxide incorporated polysulfone substrate for the fabrication of flat-sheet thin-film composite forward osmosis membranes
MJ Park, S Phunstho, T He, GM Nisola, LD Tijing, XM Li, G Chen, ...
Journal of Membrane Science, 2015
Blended fertilizers as draw solutions for fertilizer-drawn forward osmosis desalination
S Phuntsho, HK Shon, T Majeed, I El Saliby, S Vigneswaran, ...
Environmental science & technology 46 (8), 4567-4575, 2012
Assessing the major factors affecting the performances of forward osmosis and its implications on the desalination process
S Phuntsho, S Sahebi, T Majeed, F Lotfi, JE Kim, HK Shon
Chemical engineering journal 231, 484-496, 2013
Nanofiltration for water and wastewater treatment–a mini review
HK Shon, S Phuntsho, DS Chaudhary, S Vigneswaran, J Cho
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Fertiliser drawn forward osmosis desalination: the concept, performance and limitations for fertigation
S Phuntsho, HK Shon, S Hong, S Lee, S Vigneswaran, J Kandasamy
Reviews in Environmental Science and Bio/Technology 11 (2), 147-168, 2012
Forward osmosis desalination of brackish groundwater: Meeting water quality requirements for fertigation by integrating nanofiltration
S Phuntsho, S Hong, M Elimelech, HK Shon
Journal of Membrane Science 436, 1-15, 2013
Osmotic equilibrium in the forward osmosis process: Modelling, experiments and implications for process performance
S Phuntsho, S Hong, M Elimelech, HK Shon
Journal of membrane science 453, 240-252, 2014
CF4 plasma-modified omniphobic electrospun nanofiber membrane for produced water brine treatment by membrane distillation
YC Woo, Y Chen, LD Tijing, S Phuntsho, T He, JS Choi, SH Kim, HK Shon
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Membrane scaling and flux decline during fertiliser-drawn forward osmosis desalination of brackish groundwater
S Phuntsho, F Lotfi, S Hong, DL Shaffer, M Elimelech, HK Shon
Water research 57, 172-182, 2014
Effect of photocatalysis on the membrane hybrid system for wastewater treatment
HK Shon, S Phuntsho, S Vigneswaran
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Effect of sulphonated polyethersulfone substrate for thin film composite forward osmosis membrane
S Sahebi, S Phuntsho, YC Woo, MJ Park, LD Tijing, S Hong, HK Shon
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Visible Light Responsive Titanium Dioxide (TiO2)
H Shon, S Phuntsho, Y Okour, DL Cho, KS Kim, HJ Li, S Na, JB Kim, ...
Applied Chemistry for Engineering 19 (1), 1-16, 2008
Hydrophilic polyvinyl alcohol coating on hydrophobic electrospun nanofiber membrane for high performance thin film composite forward osmosis membrane
MJ Park, RR Gonzales, A Abdel-Wahab, S Phuntsho, HK Shon
Desalination 426, 50-59, 2018
Fertiliser drawn forward osmosis process: Pilot-scale desalination of mine impaired water for fertigation
S Phuntsho, JE Kim, MAH Johir, S Hong, Z Li, N Ghaffour, TO Leiknes, ...
Journal of Membrane Science 508, 22-31, 2016
Preparation and characterization of novel polytitanium tetrachloride coagulant for water purification
YX Zhao, S Phuntsho, BY Gao, X Huang, QB Qi, QY Yue, Y Wang, JH Kim, ...
Environmental science & technology 47 (22), 12966-12975, 2013
Pressure assisted fertiliser drawn osmosis process to enhance final dilution of the fertiliser draw solution beyond osmotic equilibrium
S Sahebi, S Phuntsho, JE Kim, S Hong, HK Shon
Journal of Membrane Science 481, 63-72, 2015
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