Chathura Withanage
Chathura Withanage
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צוטט על ידי
A comparison of the popular home automation technologies
C Withanage, R Ashok, C Yuen, K Otto
2014 IEEE Innovative Smart Grid Technologies-Asia (ISGT ASIA), 600-605, 2014
A concept evaluation method for strategic product design with concurrent consideration of future customer requirements
C Withanage, T Park, HJ Choi
Concurrent Engineering 18 (4), 275-289, 2010
Design for sustainable use of appliances: A framework based on user behavior observations
C Withanage, K Hölttä-Otto, K Otto, K Wood
Journal of Mechanical Design 138 (10), 101102, 2016
Policy design for controlling set-point temperature of ACs in shared spaces of buildings
W Tushar, T Wang, L Lan, Y Xu, C Withanage, C Yuen, KL Wood
Energy and Buildings 134, 105-114, 2017
Exploiting design thinking to improve energy efficiency of buildings
W Tushar, L Lan, C Withanage, HEK Sng, C Yuen, KL Wood, TK Saha
Energy 197, 117141, 2020
A fair and budget-balanced incentive mechanism for energy management in buildings
T Wang, Y Xu, C Withanage, L Lan, SD Ahipaşaoğlu, CA Courcoubetis
IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid 9 (4), 3143-3153, 2016
Identifying and Categorizing Opportunities for Design for Sustainable User Behavior
C Withanage, R Ashok, K Hölttä-Otto, K Otto
International Design Engineering Technical Conferences and Computers and …, 2014
Surveying older adults’ perceptions and aspirations
B Yuen, C Withanage, P Nair
Ageing and the built environment in Singapore, 1-44, 2019
Dynamic partial least square path modeling for the front-end product design and development
C Withanage, T Park, T Ton Hien Duc, HJ Choi
Towards customer evaluation based product performance modeling
C Withanage, H Choi, TTH Duc, T Park
2010 IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering …, 2010
Exploration of product Value-Characteristic relationship: Partial least squares path modeling for product design and development
C Withanage, T Park, TTH Duc, H Choi
2011 IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering …, 2011
Design challenges in energy conservation strategies for shared spaces
C Withanage, L Blessing, K Wood
DS 87-5 Proceedings of the 21st International Conference on Engineering …, 2017
Application of dynamic value-attribute modeling in a product family
C Withanage, SK Moon, T Park, TTH Duc
DS 75-9: Proceedings of the 19th International Conference on Engineering …, 2013
Product Value Metrics and Value-Characteristic Modeling
C Withanage, T Park, TTH Duc, H Choi
DS 71: Proceedings of NordDesign 2012, the 9th NordDesign conference …, 2012
A value driven decision support framework for the front‑end product design and development
C Withanage
Innovations in the Design of Smart Grid Systems for Future Cities
S Huang, K Wood, C Yuen, K Otto, K Hölttä-Otto, Y Gu, S Ahipasaoglu, ...
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