Yongchul G. Chung
Yongchul G. Chung
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Computation-ready, experimental metal–organic frameworks: A tool to enable high-throughput screening of nanoporous crystals
YG Chung, J Camp, M Haranczyk, BJ Sikora, W Bury, V Krungleviciute, ...
Chemistry of Materials 26 (21), 6185-6192, 2014
The materials genome in action: identifying the performance limits for methane storage
CM Simon, J Kim, DA Gomez-Gualdron, JS Camp, YG Chung, RL Martin, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 8 (4), 1190-1199, 2015
In silico discovery of metal-organic frameworks for precombustion CO2 capture using a genetic algorithm
YG Chung, DA Gómez-Gualdrón, P Li, KT Leperi, P Deria, H Zhang, ...
Science advances 2 (10), e1600909, 2016
Advances, updates, and analytics for the computation-ready, experimental metal–organic framework database: CoRE MOF 2019
YG Chung, E Haldoupis, BJ Bucior, M Haranczyk, S Lee, H Zhang, ...
Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data 64 (12), 5985-5998, 2019
High-Throughput Screening of Metal–Organic Frameworks for CO2 Capture in the Presence of Water
S Li, YG Chung, RQ Snurr
Langmuir 32 (40), 10368-10376, 2016
Large-scale refinement of metal− organic framework structures using density functional theory
D Nazarian, JS Camp, YG Chung, RQ Snurr, DS Sholl
Chemistry of Materials 29 (6), 2521-2528, 2017
Water stabilization of Zr 6-based metal–organic frameworks via solvent-assisted ligand incorporation
P Deria, YG Chung, RQ Snurr, JT Hupp, OK Farha
Chemical science 6 (9), 5172-5176, 2015
Elucidation of flexible metal-organic frameworks: Research progresses and recent developments
JH Lee, S Jeoung, YG Chung, HR Moon
Coordination Chemistry Reviews 389, 161-188, 2019
The role of molecular modelling and simulation in the discovery and deployment of metal-organic frameworks for gas storage and separation
A Sturluson, MT Huynh, AR Kaija, C Laird, S Yoon, F Hou, Z Feng, ...
Molecular simulation 45 (14-15), 1082-1121, 2019
High-Throughput Computational Screening of Multivariate Metal–Organic Frameworks (MTV-MOFs) for CO2 Capture
S Li, YG Chung, CM Simon, RQ Snurr
The journal of physical chemistry letters 8 (24), 6135-6141, 2017
Computational screening of nanoporous materials for hexane and heptane isomer separation
YG Chung, P Bai, M Haranczyk, KT Leperi, P Li, H Zhang, TC Wang, ...
Chemistry of Materials 29 (15), 6315-6328, 2017
How deformation enhances mobility in a polymer glass
YG Chung, DJ Lacks
Macromolecules 45 (10), 4416-4421, 2012
Synergistic effect of metal-organic framework-derived boron and nitrogen heteroatom-doped three-dimensional porous carbons for precious-metal-free catalytic reduction of …
C Van Nguyen, S Lee, YG Chung, WH Chiang, KCW Wu
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 257, 117888, 2019
Catalytic performance of zeolitic imidazolate framework ZIF-95 for the solventless synthesis of cyclic carbonates from CO2 and epoxides
KM Bhin, J Tharun, KR Roshan, DW Kim, Y Chung, DW Park
Journal of CO2 Utilization 17, 112-118, 2017
Development of a General Evaluation Metric for Rapid Screening of Adsorbent Materials for Postcombustion CO2 Capture
KT Leperi, YG Chung, F You, RQ Snurr
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 7 (13), 11529-11539, 2019
Surface area determination of porous materials using the Brunauer–Emmett–Teller (BET) method: limitations and improvements
P Sinha, A Datar, C Jeong, X Deng, YG Chung, LC Lin
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 123 (33), 20195-20209, 2019
Cycloaddition of CO2 with epoxides by using an amino-acid-based Cu (II)–tryptophan MOF catalyst
GS Jeong, AC Kathalikkattil, R Babu, YG Chung, DW Park
Chinese Journal of Catalysis 39 (1), 63-70, 2018
Sheared polymer glass and the question of mechanical rejuvenation
YG Chung, DJ Lacks
The Journal of chemical physics 136 (12), 124907, 2012
Atomic mobility in strained glassy polymers: The role of fold catastrophes on the potential energy surface
YG Chung, DJ Lacks
Journal of Polymer Science Part B: Polymer Physics 50 (24), 1733-1739, 2012
Atomic mobility in a polymer glass after shear and thermal cycles
YG Chung, DJ Lacks
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 116 (48), 14201-14205, 2012
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