Andrea Santangeli
Andrea Santangeli
Finnish Museum of Natural History, Helsinki University, Finland
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Home range size is determined by habitat composition but feeding rate by food availability in male Tengmalm’s owls
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Global change synergies and trade‐offs between renewable energy and biodiversity
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Understanding, quantifying and mapping the use of poison by commercial farmers in Namibia–implications for scavengers' conservation and ecosystem health
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Standardized reporting of the costs of management interventions for biodiversity conservation
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Protected areas act as a buffer against detrimental effects of climate change—Evidence from large‐scale, long‐term abundance data
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Voluntary non-monetary approaches for implementing conservation
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Successful voluntary conservation of raptor nests under intensive forestry pressure in a boreal landscape
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Ineffective enforced legislation for nature conservation: a case study with Siberian flying squirrel and forestry in a boreal landscape
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First evidence of neonicotinoid residues in a long-distance migratory raptor, the European honey buzzard (Pernis apivorus)
P Byholm, S Mäkeläinen, A Santangeli, D Goulson
Science of the Total Environment 639, 929-933, 2018
Identifying effective actions to guide volunteer‐based and nationwide conservation efforts for a ground‐nesting farmland bird
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Integrating multi-source forest inventory and animal survey data to assess nationwide distribution and habitat correlates of the Siberian flying squirrel
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Intraguild predation and competition impacts on a subordinate predator
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Priority areas for conservation of Old World vultures
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Stronger response of farmland birds than farmers to climate change leads to the emergence of an ecological trap
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Effects of high latitude protected areas on bird communities under rapid climate change
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Coverage of vertebrate species distributions by important bird and biodiversity areas and special protection areas in the European union
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Bridging the research implementation gap–Identifying cost-effective protection measures for Montagu’s harrier nests in Spanish farmlands
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Synergies and trade‐offs between renewable energy expansion and biodiversity conservation–a cross‐national multifactor analysis
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Effects of flyway‐wide weather conditions and breeding habitat on the breeding abundance of migratory boreal waterbirds
D Pavón‐Jordán, A Santangeli, A Lehikoinen
Journal of avian biology 48 (7), 988-996, 2017
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