Mohammed Mostafa Hassan Nooh
Mohammed Mostafa Hassan Nooh
Professor of Biochemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy Cairo University, October 6 University
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HLA transgenic mice provide evidence for a direct and dominant role of HLA class II variation in modulating the severity of streptococcal sepsis
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Resveratrol promotes remyelination in cuprizone model of multiple sclerosis: biochemical and histological study
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Commercial peptidoglycan preparations are contaminated with superantigen‐like activity that stimulates IL‐17 production
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Individual genetic variations directly effect polarization of cytokine responses to superantigens associated with streptococcal sepsis: implications for customized patient care
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SAP97 controls the trafficking and resensitization of the beta-1-adrenergic receptor through its PDZ2 and I3 domains
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Two barcodes encoded by the type-1 PDZ and by phospho-Ser312 regulate retromer/WASH-mediated sorting of the ß1-adrenergic receptor from endosomes to the plasma membrane
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Human GPRC6A mediates testosterone-induced mitogen-activated protein kinases and mTORC1 signaling in prostate cancer cells
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Identification of novel transplantable GPCR recycling motif for drug discovery
MM Nooh, S Mancarella, SW Bahouth
Biochemical pharmacology 120, 22-32, 2016
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