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Ofir Tirosh
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צוטט על ידי
Chemical characterization of atmospheric dust from a weekly time series in the north Red Sea between 2006 and 2010
A Torfstein, N Teutsch, O Tirosh, Y Shaked, T Rivlin, A Zipori, M Stein, ...
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 211, 373-393, 2017
Variability in sources and concentrations of Saharan dust phosphorus over the Atlantic Ocean
A Gross, T Goren, C Pio, J Cardoso, O Tirosh, MC Todd, D Rosenfeld, ...
Environmental Science & Technology Letters 2 (2), 31-37, 2015
Lead isotopes in silver reveal earliest Phoenician quest for metals in the west Mediterranean
T Eshel, Y Erel, N Yahalom-Mack, O Tirosh, A Gilboa
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 116 (13), 6007-6012, 2019
The earliest lead object in the Levant
N Yahalom-Mack, D Langgut, O Dvir, O Tirosh, A Eliyahu-Behar, Y Erel, ...
PLoS One 10 (12), e0142948, 2015
Environmental impacts of ancient copper mining and metallurgy: Multi-proxy investigation of human-landscape dynamics in the Faynan valley, southern Jordan
KA Knabb, Y Erel, O Tirosh, T Rittenour, S Laparidou, M Najjar, TE Levy
Journal of Archaeological Science 74, 85-101, 2016
Iron Age Nomads and their relation to copper smelting in Faynan (Jordan): Trace metal and Pb and Sr isotopic measurements from the Wadi Fidan 40 cemetery
MA Beherec, TE Levy, O Tirosh, M Najjar, KA Knabb, Y Erel
Journal of Archaeological Science 65, 70-83, 2016
A bacterial bioreporter panel to assay the cytotoxicity of atmospheric particulate matter
N Kessler, JJ Schauer, S Yagur-Kroll, S Melamed, O Tirosh, S Belkin, ...
Atmospheric environment 63, 94-101, 2012
Atmospheric particulate matter (PM) in the Middle East: toxicity, trans-boundary transport, and influence of synoptic conditions
Y Erel, O Tirosh, N Kessler, U Dayan, S Belkin, M Stein, A Sandler, ...
Medical Geochemistry, 31-46, 2013
The “Flint Depot” of prehistoric northern Israel: comprehensive geochemical analyses of flint extraction and reduction complexes and implications for provenance studies
M Finkel, R Barkai, A Gopher, O Tirosh, E Ben‐Yosef
Geoarchaeology 34 (6), 661-683, 2019
Effects of aerosol sources and chemical compositions on cloud drop sizes and glaciation temperatures
A Zipori, D Rosenfeld, O Tirosh, N Teutsch, Y Erel
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 120 (18), 9653-9669, 2015
Four iron age silver hoards from Southern Phoenicia: From bundles to Hacksilber
T Eshel, N Yahalom-Mack, S Shalev, O Tirosh, Y Erel, A Gilboa
Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research 379 (1), 197-228, 2018
Synoptic conditions of fine-particle transport to the last interglacial Red Sea-Dead Sea from Nd-Sr compositions of sediment cores
D Palchan, M Stein, SL Goldstein, A Almogi-Labin, O Tirosh, Y Erel
Quaternary Science Reviews 179, 123-136, 2018
Ancient technology and punctuated change: Detecting the emergence of the Edomite Kingdom in the Southern Levant
E Ben-Yosef, B Liss, OA Yagel, O Tirosh, M Najjar, TE Levy
PloS one 14 (9), e0221967, 2019
Kela–A Middle Paleolithic flint extraction and reduction site in the northern Golan Heights
M Finkel, A Gopher, G Sharon, O Tirosh, E Ben-Yosef
Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 30, 102208, 2020
Combining chemical and lead isotope analyses with 3-D geometric–morphometric shape analysis: A methodological case study of socketed bronze arrowheads from the southern Levant
N Yahalom-Mack, G Herzlinger, A Bogdanovsky, O Tirosh, Y Garfinkel, ...
Journal of Archaeological Science 118, 105147, 2020
Lead isotope analysis of slag-tempered Negev Highlands pottery
N Yahalom-Mack, MAS Martin, O Tirosh, Y Erel, I Finkelstein
Universidad Católica Argentina. Facultad de Ciencias Sociales. Centro de …, 2015
Pollution and human mobility in the southern Levant during the Iron Age using chemical and isotopic analysis of human tooth enamel
T Eshel, N Yahalom-Mack, O Tirosh, AM Maeir, Y Harlavan, A Gilboa, ...
Journal of Archaeological Science 124, 105262, 2020
Assessment of Household and Outdoor Air Pollution Exposure Link to Urinary Metals Content in Pregnant Women
I Karakis, N Shemesh, O Tirosh, D Landau, R Gat, M Yitshak-Sade, ...
Atmosphere 11 (6), 638, 2020
Synoptic conditions of fine-particle transport to the last interglacial Red Sea-Dead Sea from Nd-Sr compositions of sediment cores
M Stein, D Palchan, SL Goldstein, A Almogi-Labin, O Tirosh, Y Erel
AGUFM 2017, PP53C-07, 2017
Deceased Slabs Drive Oil
HJ Stein, JL Hannah
AGUFM 2017, PP41B-1292, 2017
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