Jeff Alstott
Jeff Alstott
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powerlaw: a Python package for analysis of heavy-tailed distributions
J Alstott, E Bullmore, D Plenz
PLoS ONE, arXiv:1305.0215 9 (1), e85777, 2014
Modeling the impact of lesions in the human brain
J Alstott, M Breakspear, P Hagmann, L Cammoun, O Sporns
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Neuronal avalanches in the resting MEG of the human brain
O Shriki, J Alstott, F Carver, T Holroyd, RNA Henson, ML Smith, ...
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Mapping technology space by normalizing patent networks
J Alstott, G Triulzi, B Yan, J Luo
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Effects of rat sex differences and lighting on locomotor exploration of a circular open field with free-standing central corners and without peripheral walls
J Alstott, W Timberlake
Behavioural brain research 196 (2), 214-219, 2009
A unifying framework for measuring weighted rich clubs
J Alstott, P Panzarasa, M Rubinov, ET Bullmore, PE Vértes
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Homophily and the speed of social mobilization: the effect of acquired and ascribed traits
J Alstott, S Madnick, C Velu
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Inventors' Explorations Across Technology Domains
J Alstott, G Triulzi, B Yan, J Luo
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Estimating technology performance improvement rates by mining patent data
G Triulzi, J Alstott, CL Magee
Technological Forecasting and Social Change 158, 120100, 2020
Effect of media usage selection on social mobilization speed: Facebook vs e-mail
J Wang, S Madnick, X Li, J Alstott, C Velu
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Interpreting the effects of altered brain anatomical connectivity on fMRI functional connectivity: a role for computational neural modeling
B Horwitz, C Hwang, J Alstott
Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 7, 649, 2013
Overlay patent network to analyze the design space of a technology domain: The case of hybrid electrical vehicles
B Song, G Triulzi, J Alstott, B Yan, J Luo
DS 84: Proceedings of the DESIGN 2016 14th International Design Conference …, 2016
Opening bottlenecks on weighted networks by local adaptation to cascade failures
J Alstott, S Pajevic, E Bullmore, D Plenz
Journal of complex networks 3 (4), 552-565, 2015
Local rewiring algorithms to increase clustering and grow a small world
J Alstott, C Klymko, PB Pyzza, M Radcliffe
Journal of Complex Networks 7 (4), 564-584, 2019
Numerical approximation of the inverse standardized loss function for inventory control subject to uncertain demand
A Andrade, C Sikorski, J Alstott
Canadian Operations Research Society, 2016
Will We Hit a Wall? Forecasting Bottlenecks to Whole Brain Emulation Development
J Alstott
Journal of Artificial General Intelligence 4 (3), 153-163, 2013
Security, information, and memory determine locomotor exploration in Rattus Norvegicus
J Alstott
Undergraduate thesis, submitted to the Indiana University at Bloomington, 2007
Paper to be presented at DRUID18 Copenhagen Business School, Copenhagen, Denmark June 11-13, 2018
G Triulzi, J Alstott, CL Magee
"Idea Maps" of Research Fields
J Alstott, B Chen, DT Hoang
PLOS Computational Biology would like to thank all those who reviewed on behalf of the journal in 2014: Scott Aaronson Larry Abbott
PA zur Wiesch, M Abou Chakra, L Abu-Raddad, L Acerbi, P Achard, ...
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