Surendar Reddy Venna
Surendar Reddy Venna
Research Scientist, Dow Chemical
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Highly Permeable Zeolite Imidazolate Framework-8 Membranes for CO2/CH4 Separation
SR Venna, MA Carreon
Journal of the American Chemical Society 132 (1), 76-78, 2010
Structural evolution of zeolitic imidazolate framework-8
SR Venna, JB Jasinski, MA Carreon
Journal of the American Chemical Society 132 (51), 18030-18033, 2010
Fabrication of MMMs with improved gas separation properties using externally-functionalized MOF particles
SR Venna, M Lartey, T Li, A Spore, S Kumar, HB Nulwala, DR Luebke, ...
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Metal organic framework membranes for carbon dioxide separation
SR Venna, MA Carreon
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Amino-Functionalized SAPO-34 Membranes for CO2/CH4 and CO2/N2 Separation
SR Venna, MA Carreon
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Room‐Temperature Synthesis of ZIF‐8: The Coexistence of ZnO Nanoneedles
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Synthesis of SAPO‐34 Crystals in the Presence of Crystal Growth Inhibitors.
SR Venna, MA Carreon
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Continuous Flow Processing of ZIF-8 Membranes on Polymeric Porous Hollow Fiber Supports for CO2 Capture
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SR Venna, MA Carreon
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A Sekizkardes, V Kusuma, G Dahe, E Roth, L Hill, A Marti, M Macala, ...
Chemical Communications 52 (79), 11768-11771, 2016
Highly cross-linked polyether-based 1, 2, 3-triazolium ion conducting membranes with enhanced gas separation properties
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Simple fabrication method for mixed matrix membranes with in situ MOF growth for gas separation
AM Marti, SR Venna, EA Roth, JT Culp, DP Hopkinson
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Facile Grafting of Zwitterions onto the Membrane Surface To Enhance Antifouling Properties for Wastewater Reuse
N Shahkaramipour, S Ramanan, D Fister, E Park, S Venna, H Sun, ...
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Knudsen diffusion through ZIF-8 membranes synthesized by secondary seeded growth
SR Venna, M Zhu, S Li, MA Carreon
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Rightsizing Nanochannels in reduced graphene oxide membranes by solvating for dye desalination
L Huang, S Huang, SR Venna, H Lin
Environmental science & technology 52 (21), 12649-12655, 2018
Self-cleaning membranes for water purification by co-deposition of photo-mobile 4, 4′-azodianiline and bio-adhesive polydopamine
SN Ramanan, N Shahkaramipour, T Tran, L Zhu, SR Venna, CK Lim, ...
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Interactions at the interface of polymer matrix-filler particle composites
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Crosslinked poly (ethylene oxide) containing siloxanes fabricated through thiol‐ene photochemistry
VA Kusuma, EA Roth, WP Clafshenkel, SS Klara, X Zhou, SR Venna, ...
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Membrane surface modification using thiol-containing zwitterionic polymers via bioadhesive polydopamine
N Shahkaramipour, CK Lai, SR Venna, H Sun, C Cheng, H Lin
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 57 (6), 2336-2345, 2018
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