Grant Connette
Grant Connette
Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute
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Ecological resistance surfaces predict fine‐scale genetic differentiation in a terrestrial woodland salamander
WE Peterman, GM Connette, RD Semlitsch, LS Eggert
Molecular Ecology 23 (10), 2402-2413, 2014
Losing a jewel—Rapid declines in Myanmar’s intact forests from 2002-2014
T Bhagwat, A Hess, N Horning, T Khaing, ZM Thein, KM Aung, KH Aung, ...
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Combined Landsat and L-band SAR data improves land cover classification and change detection in dynamic tropical landscapes
JDT De Alban, GM Connette, P Oswald, EL Webb
Remote Sensing 10 (2), 306, 2018
Rapid forest clearing in a Myanmar proposed national park threatens two newly discovered species of geckos (Gekkonidae: Cyrtodactylus)
GM Connette, P Oswald, MK Thura, KJ LaJeunesse Connette, ...
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Mapping distinct forest types improves overall forest identification based on multi-spectral Landsat imagery for Myanmar’s Tanintharyi Region
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Assessment of mining extent and expansion in Myanmar based on freely-available satellite imagery
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Climate change and shrinking salamanders: alternative mechanisms for changes in plethodontid salamander body size
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Life history as a predictor of salamander recovery rate from timber harvest in southern Appalachian forests, USA
GM Connette, RD Semlitsch
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Successful use of a passive integrated transponder (PIT) system for below-ground detection of plethodontid salamanders
GM Connette, RD Semlitsch
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Context-dependent movement behavior of woodland salamanders (Plethodon) in two habitat types
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A multistate mark–recapture approach to estimating survival of PIT‐tagged salamanders following timber harvest
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Field diagnostics and seasonality of Ophidiomyces ophiodiicola in wild snake populations
JM McKenzie, SJ Price, JL Fleckenstein, AN Drayer, GM Connette, ...
EcoHealth 16 (1), 141-150, 2019
Do golf courses reduce the ecological value of headwater streams for salamanders in the southern Appalachian Mountains?
MJ Mackey, GM Connette, WE Peterman, RD Semlitsch
Landscape and urban planning 125, 17-27, 2014
Two sides of the same coin–Wildmeat consumption and illegal wildlife trade at the crossroads of Asia
JF McEvoy, G Connette, Q Huang, P Soe, KHH Pyone, M Valitutto, ...
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Resource selection by an ectothermic predator in a dynamic thermal landscape
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Ecology and evolution 7 (22), 9557-9566, 2017
Surveys in southern Myanmar indicate global importance for tigers and biodiversity
SS Aung, NM Shwe, J Frechette, M Grindley, G Connette
Oryx 51 (1), 13, 2017
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