Ben D. Sawyer
Ben D. Sawyer
Assistant Professor of Industrial Engineering, University of Central Florida
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Google Glass: A driver distraction cause or cure?
BD Sawyer, VS Finomore, AA Calvo, PA Hancock
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Familiarity from the configuration of objects in 3-dimensional space and its relation to déjà vu: A virtual reality investigation
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Hacking the human: the prevalence paradox in cybersecurity
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Cyber vigilance: effects of signal probability and event rate
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The effects of display size on performance
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Addressing human factors gaps in cyber defense
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Hysteresis in mental workload and task performance: the influence of demand transitions and task prioritization
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The effects of virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality as training enhancement methods: a meta-analysis
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Judging Thieves of Attention: Commentary on “Assessing Cognitive Distraction in the Automobile,” by Strayer, Turrill, Cooper, Coleman, Medeiros-Ward, and Biondi (2015)
PA Hancock, BD Sawyer
Human factors 57 (8), 1339-1342, 2015
Development of a linked simulation network to evaluate intelligent transportation system vehicle to vehicle solutions
BD Sawyer, PA Hancock
Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting 56 (1 …, 2012
The cost of cool: Typographic style legibility in reading at a glance
BD Sawyer, J Dobres, N Chahine, B Reimer
proceedings of the human factors and ergonomics society annual meeting 61 (1 …, 2017
Detection of error-related negativity in complex visual stimuli: a new neuroergonomic arrow in the practitioner’s quiver
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Cognitive load while driving impairs memory of moving but not stationary elements within the environment
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Linking the Detection Response Task and the AttenD Algorithm Through Assessment of Human–Machine Interface Workload
J Lee, BD Sawyer, B Mehler, L Angell, BD Seppelt, S Seaman, L Fridman, ...
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Evaluating cybersecurity vulnerabilities with the email test-bed: Effects of training
BD Sawyer, VS Finomore, GJ Funke, VF Mancuso, B Miller, J Warm, ...
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Performance degradation due to automation in texting while driving
BD Sawyer, PA Hancock
University of Iowa, 2013
Detection of brake lights while distracted: Separating peripheral vision from cognitive load
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Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics 81 (8), 2798-2813, 2019
Microsaccades distinguish looking from seeing
E Krueger, A Schneider, BD Sawyer, A Chavaillaz, A Sonderegger, ...
Journal of Eye Movement Research 12 (6), 2019
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