Dr Jason Go
Dr Jason Go
Research Associate
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צוטט על ידי
צוטט על ידי
Predicting contaminant fate and transport in sediment caps: mathematical modelling approaches
J Go, DJ Lampert, JA Stegemann, DD Reible
Applied Geochemistry 24 (7), 1347-1353, 2009
Predicting vertical flow barriers using tracer diffusion in partially saturated, layered porous media
J Go, I Bortone, A Muggeridge, C Smalley
Transport in porous media 105 (2), 255-276, 2014
Appraisal of reservoir compartmentalization using fluid mixing time-scales: Horn Mountain Field, Gulf of Mexico
J Go, PC Smalley, A Muggeridge
Petroleum Geoscience 18 (3), 305-314, 2012
Modelling post-depositional transport of PAHs in aquatic bed sediments using CoReTranS
J Go, JA Stegemann
Journal of Soils and Sediments 12 (10), 1541-1548, 2012
Characterizing Compartmentalization in Structurally Heterogeneous Reservoirs Using Fluid Mixing Time-Scales
J Go, C Smalley, A Muggeridge
Modelling and simulation framework for reactive transport of organic contaminants in bed-sediments using a pure Java object-oriented paradigm
J Go, J Stegemann, G Roberts, I Allan
UK Society for Modelling and Simulation, 2006
Numerical modelling of organic contaminant reaction and transport in bed-sediments.
J Go
University of London, 2008
CORETRANS: An Object-oriented Modelling Environment for Organic Contaminant Reactive Transport in Layered Bed Sediments
J Go, JA Stegemann
Modelling of Organic Contaminant Reactive Transport in Layered Bed-sediments
J Go, JA Stegemann, G Roberts, I Allan
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