Sarahi L Garcia
Sarahi L Garcia
Assistant Professor at Stockholm University
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Comparative single-cell genomics reveals potential ecological niches for the freshwater acI Actinobacteria lineage
TW Ghylin, SL Garcia, F Moya, BO Oyserman, P Schwientek, KT Forest, ...
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Metabolic potential of a single cell belonging to one of the most abundant lineages in freshwater bacterioplankton
SL Garcia, KD McMahon, M Martinez-Garcia, A Srivastava, A Sczyrba, ...
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Auxotrophy and intrapopulation complementary in the ‘interactome’of a cultivated freshwater model community
SL Garcia, M Buck, KD McMahon, HP Grossart, A Eiler, F Warnecke
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Depth‐discrete profiles of bacterial communities reveal pronounced spatio‐temporal dynamics related to lake stratification
SL Garcia, I Salka, HP Grossart, F Warnecke
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Transition of microbial communities during the adaption to anaerobic digestion of carrot waste
SL Garcia, K Jangid, WB Whitman, KC Das
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SL Garcia, KD McMahon, HP Grossart, F Warnecke
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Mixed cultures as model communities: hunting for ubiquitous microorganisms, their partners, and interactions
SL Garcia
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Distribution of acI‐Actinorhodopsin genes in Baltic Sea salinity gradients indicates adaptation of facultative freshwater photoheterotrophs to brackish waters
I Salka, C Wurzbacher, SL Garcia, M Labrenz, K Jürgens, HP Grossart
Environmental microbiology 16 (2), 586-597, 2014
Metabolic Network Analysis and Metatranscriptomics Reveal Auxotrophies and Nutrient Sources of the Cosmopolitan Freshwater Microbial Lineage acI
JJ Hamilton, SL Garcia, BS Brown, BO Oyserman, F Moya-Flores, ...
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Model communities hint at promiscuous metabolic linkages between ubiquitous free-living freshwater bacteria
SL Garcia, M Buck, JJ Hamilton, C Wurzbacher, HP Grossart, ...
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Decreased Snow Cover Stimulates Under-Ice Primary Producers but Impairs Methanotrophic Capacity
SL Garcia, AJ Szekely, C Bergvall, M Schattenhofer, S Peura
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acI actinobacteria assemble a functional actinorhodopsin with natively synthesized retinal
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Character and environmental lability of cyanobacteria‐derived dissolved organic matter
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Limnology and Oceanography 66 (2), 496-509, 2021
Freshwater Chlorobia exhibit metabolic specialization among cosmopolitan and endemic populations
SL Garcia, M Mehrshad, M Buck, JM Tsuji, JD Neufeld, KD McMahon, ...
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Comprehensive analysis of chemical and biological problems associated with browning agents used in aquatic studies
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Streamlined and Abundant Bacterioplankton Thrive in Functional Cohorts
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mSystems 5 (5), 2020
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