Ganpat Dahe
Ganpat Dahe
Hydromer, Inc.
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The biocompatibility and separation performance of antioxidative polysulfone/vitamin E TPGS composite hollow fiber membranes
GJ Dahe, RS Teotia, SS Kadam, JR Bellare
Biomaterials 32 (2), 352-365, 2011
Continuous Flow Processing of ZIF-8 Membranes on Polymeric Porous Hollow Fiber Supports for CO2 Capture
AM Marti, W Wickramanayake, G Dahe, A Sekizkardes, TL Bank, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 9 (7), 5678-5682, 2017
The role of zeolite nanoparticles additive on morphology, mechanical properties and performance of polysulfone hollow fiber membranes
GJ Dahe, RS Teotia, JR Bellare
Chemical Engineering Journal 197, 398-406, 2012
Separation of carbon dioxide from flue gas by mixed matrix membranes using dual phase microporous polymeric constituents
SRVDH Ali K. Sekizkardes, Victor A. Kusuma, Ganpat Dahe, Elliot A. Roth ...
Chemical Communications 52 (79), 11768-11771, 2016
In vivo evaluation of the biocompatibility of surface modified hemodialysis polysulfone hollow fibers in rat
GJ Dahe, SS Kadam, SS Sabale, DP Kadam, LB Sarkate, JR Bellare
PLoS One 6 (10), e25236, 2011
High temperature polybenzimidazole hollow fiber membranes for hydrogen separation and carbon dioxide capture from synthesis gas
RP Singh, GJ Dahe, KW Dudeck, CF Welch, KA Berchtold
Energy Procedia 63, 153-159, 2014
Correlation between spinning temperature, membrane morphology, and performance of Psf/PVP/NMP/Water hollow fiber membrane forming system
GJ Dahe, RS Teotia, JR Bellare
Journal of Applied Polymer Science 124 (S1), E134-E146, 2012
Influence of non-solvent chemistry on polybenzimidazole hollow fiber membrane preparation
GJ Dahe, RP Singh, KW Dudeck, D Yang, KA Berchtold
Journal of Membrane Science 577, 91-103, 2019
Incorporation of benzimidazole linked polymers into Matrimid to yield mixed matrix membranes with enhanced CO2/N2 selectivity
TDM Tessema, SR Venna, G Dahe, DP Hopkinson, HM El-Kaderi, ...
Journal of Membrane Science 554, 90-96, 2018
Porosity and compatibility of novel polysulfone-/vitamin E-TPGS-grafted composite membrane
R Teotia, SK Verma, D Kalita, AK Singh, G Dahe, J Bellare
Journal of Materials Science 52 (20), 12513-12523, 2017
Additives enhancing topical applications of therapeutic agents
R Yu, E Scott
US Patent App. 10/071,345, 2003
Mixed matrix membranes for gas separation applications
M Carreon, G Dahe, J Feng, SR Venna
Membranes for Gas Separations, 1-57, 2018
In-Situ Coating of 2-Methacryloyloxyethyl Phosphorylcholine Polymer on Polysulfone Hollow Fiber Membranes for Hemodialysis
R Teotia, G Dahe, J Bellare
Advanced Science Letter 20, 1191-1197, 2014
An automated lab-scale flue gas permeation membrane testing system at the National Carbon Capture Center
VA Kusuma, SR Venna, S Wickramanayake, GJ Dahe, CR Myers, ...
Journal of Membrane Science 533, 28-37, 2017
High Temperature Polymer‐Based Membrane Systems for Pre‐Combustion Carbon Dioxide Capture
KA Berchtold, RP Singh, KW Dudeck, GJ Dahe, CF Welch, D Yang
2012 NETL CO2 Capture Technology Meeting, July 9 - 12, 2012, 2013
Polybenzimidazole hollow fiber membranes and method for making an asymmetric hollow fiber membrane
KA Berchtold, KW Dudeck, RP Singh, GJ Dahe
Los Alamos National Lab.(LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States), 2018
Macrovoid-free high performance polybenzimidazole hollow fiber membranes for elevated temperature H2/CO2 separations
RP Singh, GJ Dahe, KW Dudeck, KA Berchtold
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 45 (51), 27331-27345, 2020
Composite biocompatible articles made from doped polysulphone filaments and a process for making the same
JR Bellare, GJ Dahe
US Patent App. 15/958,565, 2018
Composite biocompatible articles made from doped polysulphone filaments and a process for making the same
JR Bellare, GJ Dahe
US Patent App. 13/876,617, 2013
Preparation and Characterization of Polybenzimidazole-Based Hollow Fiber Membranes for Pre-Combustion Carbon Dioxide Capture
GJ Dahe, RP Singh, KW Dudeck, D Yang, CF Welch, KA Berchtold
NAMS 2013 Meeting, 2013
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