Leonid Kunyansky
Leonid Kunyansky
Professor of Mathematics, University of Arizona
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צוטט על ידי
צוטט על ידי
Mathematics of thermoacoustic tomography
P Kuchment, L Kunyansky
European Journal of Applied Mathematics 19 (2), 191-224, 2008
A fast, high-order algorithm for the solution of surface scattering problems: basic implementation, tests, and applications
OP Bruno, LA Kunyansky
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Explicit inversion formulae for the spherical mean Radon transform
LA Kunyansky
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A new SPECT reconstruction algorithm based on the Novikov explicit inversion formula
LA Kunyansky
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Mathematics of photoacoustic and thermoacoustic tomography
P Kuchment, L Kunyansky
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A series solution and a fast algorithm for the inversion of the spherical mean Radon transform
LA Kunyansky
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On reconstruction formulas and algorithms for the thermoacoustic and photoacoustic tomography
M Agranovsky, P Kuchment, L Kunyansky
Preprint, 2007
Surface scattering in three dimensions: an accelerated high–order solver
OP Bruno, LA Kunyansky
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Photo-and thermo-acoustic imaging
SK Patch, O Scherzer
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2D and 3D reconstructions in acousto-electric tomography
P Kuchment, L Kunyansky
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Synthetic focusing in ultrasound modulated tomography
P Kuchment, L Kunyansky
arXiv preprint arXiv:0901.2552, 2009
Spectral properties of high contrast band-gap materials and operators on graphs
P Kuchment, LA Kunyansky
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Reconstruction of a function from its spherical (circular) means with the centers lying on the surface of certain polygons and polyhedra
L Kunyansky
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Differential operators on graphs and photonic crystals
P Kuchment, L Kunyansky
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Thermoacoustic tomography with detectors on an open curve: an efficient reconstruction algorithm
LA Kunyansky
Inverse Problems 24 (5), 055021, 2008
On single-photon emission computed tomography imaging based on an exact formula for the nonuniform attenuation correction
JP Guillement, F Jauberteau, L Kunyansky, R Novikov, R Trebossen
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Asymptotic methods for thin high-contrast two-dimensional PBG materials
W Axmann, P Kuchment, L Kunyansky
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Generalized and attenuated Radon transforms: restorative approach to the numerical inversion
LA Kunyansky
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Fast reconstruction algorithms for the thermoacoustic tomography in certain domains with cylindrical or spherical symmetries
L Kunyansky
arXiv preprint arXiv:1102.1413, 2011
A mathematical model and inversion procedure for magneto-acousto-electric tomography
L Kunyansky
Inverse problems 28 (3), 035002, 2012
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