Anna A Kosovicheva
Anna A Kosovicheva
Postdoctoral Fellow, Northeastern University
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צוטט על ידי
Fast ensemble representations for abstract visual impressions
AY Leib, A Kosovicheva, D Whitney
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Serial dependence in position occurs at the time of perception
M Manassi, A Liberman, A Kosovicheva, K Zhang, D Whitney
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Foveal input is not required for perception of crowd facial expression
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Cholinergic enhancement reduces orientation-specific surround suppression but not visual crowding
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Where does attention go when it moves?: Spatial properties and locus of the attentional repulsion effect
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The motion-induced shift in the perceived location of a grating also shifts its aftereffect
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Stable individual signatures in object localization
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Visual motion shifts saccade targets
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Age-related differences in the legibility of degraded text
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Looking ahead: When do you find the next item in foraging visual search?
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Binocular temporal visual processing in myopia
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Perceiving the roadway in the blink of an eye-rapid perception of the road environment and prediction of events
B Wolfe, L Fridman, A Kosovicheva, B Seppelt, B Mehler, R Rosenholtz, ...
University of Iowa, 2017
Stable individual distortions in the perceived locations of static stimuli
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What color was it? A psychophysical paradigm for tracking subjective progress in continuous tasks
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Predicting road scenes from brief views of driving video
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Unifying Visual Space Across the Left and Right Hemifields
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Serial dependence of position perception
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Beyond fixation: ensemble coding and eye movements
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A dichoptic feedback-based oculomotor training method to manipulate interocular alignment
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