Dafna Langgut
Dafna Langgut
Faculty member, Institute of Archaeology and The Steinhardt Museum of Natural History, Tel Aviv
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צוטט על ידי
צוטט על ידי
Climate and the Late Bronze Collapse: new evidence from the Southern Levant
D Langgut, I Finkelstein, T Litt
Tel Aviv 40 (2), 149-175, 2013
Vegetation and climate changes in the South Eastern Mediterranean during the Last Glacial-Interglacial cycle (86 ka): new marine pollen record
D Langgut, A Almogi-Labin, M Bar-Matthews, M Weinstein-Evron
Quaternary Science Reviews 30 (27-28), 3960-3972, 2011
Dead Sea pollen record and history of human activity in the Judean Highlands (Israel) from the Intermediate Bronze into the Iron Ages (~ 2500–500 BCE)
D Langgut, FH Neumann, M Stein, A Wagner, EJ Kagan, E Boaretto, ...
Palynology 38 (2), 280-302, 2014
Vegetation and climate changes during the Bronze and Iron Ages (~ 3600–600 BCE) in the Southern Levant based on palynological records
D Langgut, I Finkelstein, T Litt, FH Neumann, M Stein
Radiocarbon 57 (2), 217-235, 2015
Fossil pollen reveals the secrets of the Royal Persian Garden at Ramat Rahel, Jerusalem
D Langgut, Y Gadot, N Porat, O Lipschits
Palynology 37 (1), 115-129, 2013
Late Quaternary paleoenvironmental sequence, Dor, Carmel, Israel
D Kadosh (Langgut)
Palynology 28, 143-157, 2004
Abrupt climate and vegetation variability of eastern Anatolia during the last glacial.
N Pickarski, O Kwiecien, D Langgut, T Litt
Climate of the Past 11 (11), 2015
Climate, settlement patterns and olive horticulture in the southern Levant during the Early Bronze and Intermediate Bronze Ages (c. 3600–1950 BC)
D Langgut, MJ Adams, I Finkelstein
Levant 48 (2), 117-134, 2016
Dead Sea levels during the Bronze and Iron ages
EJ Kagan, D Langgut, E Boaretto, FH Neumann, M Stein
Radiocarbon 57 (2), 237-252, 2015
The riddle of Ramat Rahel: the archaeology of a royal Persian Period edifice
O Lipschits, Y Gadot, D Langgut
Transeu 41, 77, 2012
Prestigious fruit trees in ancient Israel: first palynological evidence for growing Juglans regia and Citrus medica
D Langgut
Israel Journal of Plant Sciences 62 (1-2), 98-110, 2015
Dry climate in the Middle Bronze I and its impact on settlement patterns in the Levant and beyond: new pollen evidence
I Finkelstein, D Langgut
Journal of Near Eastern Studies 73 (2), 219-234, 2014
Evidence for a humid interval at∼ 56–44 ka in the Levant and its potential link to modern humans dispersal out of Africa
D Langgut, A Almogi-Labin, M Bar-Matthews, N Pickarski, ...
Journal of human evolution 124, 75-90, 2018
The citrus route revealed: from Southeast Asia into the Mediterranean
D Langgut
HortScience 52 (6), 814-822, 2017
Ambrosia: a new impending disaster for the Israeli allergic population
Y Waisel, A Eshel, N Keynan, D Langgut
Sat 6, 20, 2008
The origin and spread of olive cultivation in the Mediterranean Basin: The fossil pollen evidence
D Langgut, R Cheddadi, JS Carrión, M Cavanagh, D Colombaroli, ...
The Holocene 29 (5), 902-922, 2019
Ancient trash mounds unravel urban collapse a century before the end of Byzantine hegemony in the southern Levant
G Bar-Oz, L Weissbrod, T Erickson-Gini, Y Tepper, D Malkinson, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 116 (17), 8239-8248, 2019
The earliest lead object in the Levant
N Yahalom-Mack, D Langgut, O Dvir, O Tirosh, A Eliyahu-Behar, Y Erel, ...
PLoS One 10 (12), e0142948, 2015
Archaeobotanical proxies and archaeological interpretation: A comparative study of phytoliths, pollen and seeds in dung pellets and refuse deposits at Early Islamic Shivta …
ZC Dunseth, D Fuks, D Langgut, E Weiss, Y Melamed, DH Butler, X Yan, ...
Quaternary Science Reviews 211, 166-185, 2019
Brass–iron couple and brass–iron–wood ternary system of metal objects from the Akko 1 shipwreck (Israel)
D Ashkenazi, A Inberg, D Langgut, N Hendler, D Cvikel
Corrosion Science 110, 228-241, 2016
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