Michio J. Kishi
Michio J. Kishi
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NEMURO—a lower trophic level model for the North Pacific marine ecosystem
MJ Kishi, M Kashiwai, DM Ware, BA Megrey, DL Eslinger, FE Werner, ...
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An ecological-physical coupled model applied to Station Papa
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Interdecadal variation of the lower trophic ecosystem in the northern Pacific between 1948 and 2002, in a 3-D implementation of the NEMURO model
MN Aita, Y Yamanaka, MJ Kishi
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A one-dimensional ecosystem model applied to time-series Station KNOT
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An ecosystem model coupled with Nitrogen-Silicon-Carbon cycles applied to Station A7 in the Northwestern Pacific
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Enhanced role of eddies in the Arctic marine biological pump
E Watanabe, J Onodera, N Harada, MC Honda, K Kimoto, T Kikuchi, ...
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A review of the NEMURO and NEMURO. FISH models and their application to marine ecosystem investigations
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An ecological-physical coupled model with ontogenetic vertical migration of zooplankton in the northwestern Pacific
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On the interannual variability of the growth of Pacific saury (Cololabis saira): a simple 3-box model using NEMURO. FISH
SI Ito, BA Megrey, MJ Kishi, D Mukai, Y Kurita, Y Ueno, Y Yamanaka
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Modeling the transport and survival of Japanese sardine larvae in and around the Kuroshio Current
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One dimensional ecosystem model simulation of the effects of vertical dilution by the winter mixing on the spring diatom bloom
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Population dynamics of ‘red tide’organisms in eutrophicated coastal waters—Numerical experiment of phytoplankton bloom in the East Seto Inland Sea, Japan
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Effects of ontogenetic vertical migration of zooplankton on annual primary production–using NEMURO embedded in a general circulation model
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Sensitivity analysis of a coastal marine ecosystem
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Parameter sensitivity study of the NEMURO lower trophic level marine ecosystem model
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Synthesis of the NEMURO model studies and future directions of marine ecosystem modeling
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Numerical simulation model for quantitative management of aquaculture
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An ecosystem model for the North Pacific embedded in a general circulation model: Part I: Model description and characteristics of spatial distributions of biological variables
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A data assimilation technique applied to estimate parameters for the NEMURO marine ecosystem model
H Kuroda, MJ Kishi
Ecological Modelling 172 (1), 69-85, 2004
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