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Yu Yang
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Phytostimulation of Poplars and Arabidopsis Exposed to Silver Nanoparticles and Ag+ at Sublethal Concentrations
J Wang, Y Koo, A Alexander, Y Yang, S Westerhof, Q Zhang, JL Schnoor, ...
Environmental science & technology 47 (10), 5442-5449, 2013
Pyrosequencing reveals higher impact of silver nanoparticles than Ag+ on the microbial community structure of activated sludge
Y Yang, J Quensen, J Mathieu, Q Wang, J Wang, M Li, JM Tiedje, ...
Water research 48, 317-325, 2014
Impacts of silver nanoparticles on cellular and transcriptional activity of nitrogen‐cycling bacteria
Y Yang, J Wang, Z Xiu, PJJ Alvarez
Environmental toxicology and chemistry 32 (7), 1488-1494, 2013
Defense Mechanisms of Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1 against Quantum Dots and Their Released Heavy Metals
Y Yang, JM Mathieu, S Chattopadhyay, JT Miller, T Wu, T Shibata, W Guo, ...
ACS nano 6 (7), 6091-6098, 2012
Cellular and Transcriptional Response of Pseudomonas stutzeri to Quantum Dots under Aerobic and Denitrifying Conditions
Y Yang, H Zhu, VL Colvin, PJ Alvarez
Environmental science & technology 45 (11), 4988-4994, 2011
Widespread distribution of soluble di-iron monooxygenase (SDIMO) genes in arctic groundwater impacted by 1, 4-dioxane
M Li, J Mathieu, Y Yang, S Fiorenza, Y Deng, Z He, J Zhou, PJJ Alvarez
Environmental science & technology 47 (17), 9950-9958, 2013
The effects of organic fouling on the removal of radionuclides by reverse osmosis membranes
S Ding, Y Yang, C Li, H Huang, L Hou
Water research 95, 174-184, 2016
Microbial fuel cell fed by Barnett Shale produced water: power production by hypersaline autochthonous bacteria and coupling to a desalination unit
O Monzon, Y Yang, J Kim, A Heldenbrand, Q Li, PJJ Alvarez
Biochemical Engineering Journal 117, 87-91, 2017
Relative susceptibility and transcriptional response of nitrogen cycling bacteria to quantum dots
Y Yang, J Wang, H Zhu, VL Colvin, PJ Alvarez
Environmental science & technology 46 (6), 3433-3441, 2012
Effects of feed solution chemistry on low pressure reverse osmosis filtration of cesium and strontium
S Ding, Y Yang, H Huang, H Liu, L Hou
Journal of hazardous materials 294, 27-34, 2015
Uptake, Translocation, and Transformation of Quantum Dots with Cationic versus Anionic Coatings by Populus deltoides × nigra Cuttings
J Wang, Y Yang, H Zhu, J Braam, JL Schnoor, PJJ Alvarez
Environmental science & technology 48 (12), 6754-6762, 2014
Sublethal concentrations of silver nanoparticles stimulate biofilm development
Y Yang, PJJ Alvarez
Environmental Science & Technology Letters 2 (8), 221-226, 2015
Microbial dynamics and control in shale gas production
J Gaspar, J Mathieu, Y Yang, R Tomson, JD Leyris, KB Gregory, ...
Environmental Science & Technology Letters 1 (12), 465-473, 2014
Nickel and cadmium ions inhibit quorum sensing and biofilm formation without affecting viability in Burkholderia multivorans
LM Vega, J Mathieu, Y Yang, BH Pyle, RJC McLean, PJJ Alvarez
International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation 91, 82-87, 2014
The Abundance of Tetrahydrofuran/Dioxane Monooxygenase Genes (thmA/dxmA) and 1,4-Dioxane Degradation Activity Are Significantly Correlated at Various …
M Li, J Mathieu, Y Liu, ET Van Orden, Y Yang, S Fiorenza, PJJ Alvarez
Environmental Science & Technology Letters 1 (1), 122-127, 2014
Quorum sensing autoinducers enhance biofilm formation and power production in a hypersaline microbial fuel cell
O Monzon, Y Yang, Q Li, PJJ Alvarez
Biochemical Engineering Journal 109, 222-227, 2016
Differential sensitivity of nitrifying bacteria to silver nanoparticles in activated sludge
Y Yang, M Li, C Michels, H Moreira‐Soares, PJJ Alvarez
Environmental toxicology and chemistry 33 (10), 2234-2239, 2014
Dynamics of biofouling development on the conditioned membrane and its relationship with membrane performance
C Li, Y Yang, S Ding, LA Hou
Journal of Membrane Science 514, 264-273, 2016
Microbial fuel cells under extreme salinity: performance and microbial analysis
O Monzon, Y Yang, C Yu, Q Li, PJJ Alvarez
Environmental Chemistry 12 (3), 293-299, 2015
Hybrid ferrihydrite-MF/UF membrane filtration for the simultaneous removal of dissolved organic matter and phosphate
Y Yang, J Lohwacharin, S Takizawa
Water research 65, 177-185, 2014
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