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Direct synthesis of pyrroles by dehydrogenative coupling of diols and amines catalyzed by cobalt pincer complexes
P Daw, S Chakraborty, JA Garg, Y Ben‐David, D Milstein
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Multifaceted Coordination of Naphthyridine−Functionalized N-Heterocyclic Carbene: A Novel “IrIII(CN)(CC)” Compound and Its Evaluation as Transfer …
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DM Prosenjit Daw, Yehoshoa Ben-David
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P Daw, A Sinha, SMW Rahaman, S Dinda, JK Bera
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S Chakraborty, P Daw, Y Ben David, D Milstein
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Synthesis of Pyrazines and Quinoxalines via Acceptorless Dehydrogenative Coupling Routes Catalyzed by Manganese Pincer Complexes
P Daw, A Kumar, NA Espinosa-Jalapa, Y Diskin-Posner, Y Ben-David, ...
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W, Saha B & Bera JK
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Amide‐Functionalized Naphthyridines on a RhII–RhII Platform: Effect of Steric Crowding, Hemilability, and Hydrogen‐Bonding Interactions on the Structural …
M Sarkar, P Daw, T Ghatak, JK Bera
Chemistry–A European Journal 20 (50), 16537-16549, 2014
Cyclometalations on the Imidazo[1,2-a][1,8]naphthyridine Framework
P Daw, T Ghatak, H Doucet, JK Bera
Organometallics 32 (15), 4306-4313, 2013
Direct Synthesis of Amides by Acceptorless Dehydrogenative Coupling of Benzyl Alcohols and Ammonia Catalyzed by a Manganese Pincer Complex: Unexpected Crucial Role of Base
P Daw, A Kumar, NA Espinosa-Jalapa, Y Ben-David, D Milstein
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C−C Bond Formation of Benzyl Alcohols and Alkynes Using a Catalytic Amount of KOtBu: Unusual Regioselectivity through a Radical Mechanism
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Angewandte Chemie International Edition 58 (11), 3373-3377, 2019
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S Saha, P Daw, JK Bera
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Cyclometalated Ir–Sn Construct for Cyanosilylation
T Ghatak, P Daw, M Majumdar, JK Bera
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Redox Noninnocent Nature of Acridine-Based Pincer Complexes of 3d Metals and C–C Bond Formation
P Daw, A Kumar, D Oren, NA Espinosa-Jalapa, D Srimani, ...
Organometallics, 2020
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