Rikard Fristedt
Rikard Fristedt
Senior Laboratory Manager
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צוטט על ידי
Phosphorylation of photosystem II controls functional macroscopic folding of photosynthetic membranes in Arabidopsis
R Fristedt, A Willig, P Granath, M Crèvecoeur, JD Rochaix, AV Vener
The Plant Cell 21 (12), 3950-3964, 2009
AtCYP38 ensures early biogenesis, correct assembly and sustenance of photosystem II
S Sirpiö, A Khrouchtchova, Y Allahverdiyeva, M Hansson, R Fristedt, ...
The Plant Journal 55 (4), 639-651, 2008
High light induced disassembly of photosystem II supercomplexes in Arabidopsis requires STN7-dependent phosphorylation of CP29
R Fristedt, AV Vener
PloS one 6 (9), e24565, 2011
A protein phosphorylation threshold for functional stacking of plant photosynthetic membranes
R Fristedt, P Granath, AV Vener
PloS one 5 (6), e10963, 2010
RBF1, a plant homolog of the bacterial ribosome-binding factor RbfA, acts in processing of the chloroplast 16S ribosomal RNA
R Fristedt, LB Scharff, CA Clarke, Q Wang, C Lin, SS Merchant, R Bock
Plant physiology 164 (1), 201-215, 2014
A thylakoid membrane protein harboring a DnaJ-type zinc finger domain is required for photosystem I accumulation in plants
R Fristedt, R Williams-Carrier, SS Merchant, A Barkan
Journal of Biological Chemistry 289 (44), 30657-30667, 2014
Carbon supply and photoacclimation cross talk in the green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
I Polukhina, R Fristedt, E Dinc, P Cardol, R Croce
Plant physiology 172 (3), 1494-1505, 2016
Functional modeling identifies paralogous solanesyl-diphosphate synthases that assemble the side chain of plastoquinone-9 in plastids
A Block, R Fristedt, S Rogers, J Kumar, B Barnes, J Barnes, CG Elowsky, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 288 (38), 27594-27606, 2013
The γ-carbonic anhydrase subcomplex of mitochondrial complex I is essential for development and important for photomorphogenesis of Arabidopsis
Q Wang, R Fristedt, X Yu, Z Chen, H Liu, Y Lee, H Guo, SS Merchant, ...
Plant Physiology 160 (3), 1373-1383, 2012
Intrinsically Unstructured Phosphoprotein TSP9 Regulates Light Harvesting in Arabidopsis thaliana
R Fristedt, I Carlberg, A Zygadlo, M Piippo, M Nurmi, EM Aro, HV Scheller, ...
Biochemistry 48 (2), 499-509, 2009
PHOTOSYSTEM II PROTEIN33, a protein conserved in the plastid lineage, is associated with the chloroplast thylakoid membrane and provides stability to photosystem II …
R Fristedt, A Herdean, CE Blaby-Haas, F Mamedov, SS Merchant, ...
Plant physiology 167 (2), 481-492, 2015
Photosystem II function and dynamics in three widely used Arabidopsis thaliana accessions
L Yin, R Fristedt, A Herdean, K Solymosi, M Bertrand, MX Andersson, ...
PloS one 7 (9), e46206, 2012
Phosphorylation of PSII proteins in maize thylakoids in the presence of Pb ions
E Romanowska, W Wasilewska, R Fristedt, AV Vener, M Zienkiewicz
Journal of plant physiology 169 (4), 345-352, 2012
The thylakoid membrane protein CGL160 supports CF 1 CF 0 ATP synthase accumulation in Arabidopsis thaliana
R Fristedt, NF Martins, D Strenkert, CA Clarke, M Suchoszek, W Thiele, ...
PLoS One 10 (4), e0121658, 2015
Chaperone activity of Cyp18 through hydrophobic condensation that enables rescue of transient misfolded molten globule intermediates
SB Moparthi, R Fristedt, R Mishra, K Almstedt, M Karlsson, ...
Biochemistry 49 (6), 1137-1145, 2010
Photoprotection strategies of the alga Nannochloropsis gaditana
VU Chukhutsina, R Fristedt, T Morosinotto, R Croce
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Bioenergetics 1858 (7), 544-552, 2017
Differential phosphorylation of thylakoid proteins in mesophyll and bundle sheath chloroplasts from maize plants grown under low or high light
R Fristedt, W Wasilewska, E Romanowska, AV Vener
Proteomics 12 (18), 2852-2861, 2012
From stale bread and brewers spent grain to a new food source using edible filamentous fungi
R Gmoser, R Fristedt, K Larsson, I Undeland, MJ Taherzadeh, ...
Bioengineered 11 (1), 582-598, 2020
RAF2 is a RuBisCO assembly factor in Arabidopsis thaliana
R Fristedt, C Hu, N Wheatley, LM Roy, RM Wachter, L Savage, ...
The Plant Journal 94 (1), 146-156, 2018
Effects of whole-grain wheat, rye, and lignan supplementation on cardiometabolic risk factors in men with metabolic syndrome: a randomized crossover trial
AK Eriksen, C Brunius, M Mazidi, PM Hellström, U Risérus, KN Iversen, ...
The American journal of clinical nutrition 111 (4), 864-876, 2020
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