Barry Vuong, B.Eng, M.A.Sc, Ph. D.
Barry Vuong, B.Eng, M.A.Sc, Ph. D.
‎Massachusetts General Hospital / Harvard Medical School
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Review of speckle and phase variance optical coherence tomography to visualize microvascular networks
MS Mahmud, DW Cadotte, B Vuong, C Sun, TWH Luk, A Mariampillai, ...
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In vivo feasibility of endovascular Doppler optical coherence tomography
C Sun, F Nolte, KHY Cheng, B Vuong, KKC Lee, BA Standish, B Courtney, ...
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Digital image correlation–based optical coherence elastography
C Sun, BA Standish, B Vuong, XY Wen, VXD Yang
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Endovascular optical coherence tomography intensity kurtosis: visualization of vasa vasorum in porcine carotid artery
KHY Cheng, C Sun, B Vuong, KKC Lee, A Mariampillai, TR Marotta, ...
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Intraoperative handheld optical coherence tomography forward-viewing probe: physical performance and preliminary animal imaging
C Sun, KKC Lee, B Vuong, MD Cusimano, A Brukson, A Mauro, N Munce, ...
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B Vuong, AMD Lee, TWH Luk, C Sun, S Lam, P Lane, VXD Yang
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Measuring the optical characteristics of medulloblastoma with optical coherence tomography
B Vuong, P Skowron, TR Kiehl, M Kyan, L Garzia, C Sun, MD Taylor, ...
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Neurosurgical hand-held optical coherence tomography (OCT) forward-viewing probe
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Imaging the electro-kinetic response of biological tissues with optical coherence tomography
K Wawrzyn, V Demidov, B Vuong, MK Harduar, C Sun, VXD Yang, ...
Optics letters 38 (14), 2572-2574, 2013
Evaluation of flow velocities after carotid artery stenting through split spectrum Doppler optical coherence tomography and computational fluid dynamics modeling
B Vuong, H Genis, R Wong, J Ramjist, J Jivraj, H Farooq, C Sun, ...
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Smart laser osteotomy: integrating a pulsed 1064nm fiber laser into the sample arm of a fiber optic 1310nm OCT system for ablation monitoring
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Coaxial cavity injected oct and fiber laser ablation system for real-time monitoring of ablative processes
J Jivraj, Y Huang, R Wong, Y Lu, B Vuong, J Ramjist, X Gu, VXD Yang
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High-resolution imaging of the central nervous system: how novel imaging methods combined with navigation strategies will advance patient care
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Imaging of electro-kinetic responses of tissues with optical coherence tomography
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2011 Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and …, 2011
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