Ruben M. Atilho
Ruben M. Atilho
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צוטט על ידי
צוטט על ידי
Metabolism of free guanidine in bacteria is regulated by a widespread riboswitch class
JW Nelson, RM Atilho, ME Sherlock, RB Stockbridge, RR Breaker
Molecular cell 65 (2), 220-230, 2017
The biology of free guanidine as revealed by riboswitches
RR Breaker, RM Atilho, SN Malkowski, JW Nelson, ME Sherlock
Biochemistry 56 (2), 345-347, 2017
A glutamine riboswitch is a key element for the regulation of glutamine synthetase in cyanobacteria
S Klähn, P Bolay, PR Wright, RM Atilho, KI Brewer, M Hagemann, ...
Nucleic acids research 46 (19), 10082-10094, 2018
Genome-wide discovery of structured noncoding RNAs in bacteria
S Stav, RM Atilho, GM Arachchilage, G Nguyen, G Higgs, RR Breaker
BMC microbiology 19 (1), 1-18, 2019
Challenges of Ligand Identification for the Second Wave of Orphan Riboswitch Candidates
EB Greenlee, S Stav, RM Atilho, KI Brewer, KA Harris, SN Malkowski, ...
RNA biology 15 (3), 377-390, 2017
A bacterial riboswitch class for the thiamin precursor HMP-PP employs a terminator-embedded aptamer
RM Atilho, GM Arachchilage, EB Greenlee, KM Knecht, RR Breaker
Elife 8, e45210, 2019
Rare variants of the FMN riboswitch class in Clostridium difficile and other bacteria exhibit altered ligand specificity
RM Atilho, KR Perkins, RR Breaker
RNA 25 (1), 23-34, 2019
Employing a ZTP riboswitch to detect bacterial folate biosynthesis inhibitors in a small molecule high-throughput screen
KR Perkins, RM Atilho, MH Moon, RR Breaker
ACS chemical biology 14 (12), 2841-2850, 2019
Hierarchical natural move Monte Carlo refines flexible RNA structures into cryo-EM densities
JY Chang, Z Cui, K Yang, J Huang, P Minary, J Zhang
RNA 26 (12), 1755-1766, 2020
A rare bacterial RNA motif is implicated in the regulation of the purF gene whose encoded enzyme synthesizes phosphoribosylamine
SN Malkowski, RM Atilho, EB Greenlee, CE Weinberg, RR Breaker
RNA 26 (12), 1838-1846, 2020
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