Meagan E. Curtis
Meagan E. Curtis
Purchase College, State University of New York
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צוטט על ידי
צוטט על ידי
Varieties of musical experience
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The minor third communicates sadness in speech, mirroring its use in music.
ME Curtis, JJ Bharucha
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Memory and musical expectation for tones in cultural context
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Affective spectra, synchronization, and motion: Aspects of the emotional response to music
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The actual vs. predicted effects of intonation accuracy on vocal performance quality
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Music influences the processing of syntax
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Remembering melodies from another culture: Turkish and American listeners demonstrate implicit knowledge of musical scales
T Justus, C Yates, NB Atalay, N Mert, ME Curtis
Manuscript submitted for publication, 2016
Alignment of brain states: response to commentaries
JJ Bharucha, K Paroo, M Curtis
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Investigating the role of pitch contours in the expression of emotion: Do prosody and music share a code for communicating emotion?
ME Curtis
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alignment of brain states
J Bharucha, M Curtis
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Investigations of prosodic contour in subjects with differing emotional states: and, examination of the melodic musical intervals used in western tonal melodies
ME Curtis
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