Madelaine Bartlett
Madelaine Bartlett
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Engineering quantitative trait variation for crop improvement by genome editing
D Rodríguez-Leal, ZH Lemmon, J Man, ME Bartlett, ZB Lippman
Cell 171 (2), 470-480. e8, 2017
Signaling from maize organ primordia via FASCIATED EAR3 regulates stem cell proliferation and yield traits
BI Je, J Gruel, YK Lee, P Bommert, ED Arevalo, AL Eveland, Q Wu, ...
Nature genetics 48 (7), 785-791, 2016
Flower evolution: the origin and subsequent diversification of the angiosperm flower
CD Specht, ME Bartlett
Annu. Rev. Ecol. Evol. Syst. 40, 217-243, 2009
Changes in expression pattern of the teosinte branched1‐like genes in the Zingiberales provide a mechanism for evolutionary shifts in symmetry across the order
ME Bartlett, CD Specht
American Journal of Botany 98 (2), 227-243, 2011
Evidence for the involvement of GLOBOSA‐like gene duplications and expression divergence in the evolution of floral morphology in the Zingiberales
ME Bartlett, CD Specht
New Phytologist 187 (2), 521-541, 2010
Evolution of buffering in a genetic circuit controlling plant stem cell proliferation
D Rodriguez-Leal, C Xu, CT Kwon, C Soyars, E Demesa-Arevalo, J Man, ...
Nature genetics 51 (5), 786-792, 2019
The CLAVATA receptor FASCIATED EAR2 responds to distinct CLE peptides by signaling through two downstream effectors
BI Je, F Xu, Q Wu, L Liu, R Meeley, JP Gallagher, L Corcilius, RJ Payne, ...
Elife 7, e35673, 2018
Early floral development of Heliconia latispatha (Heliconiaceae), a key taxon for understanding the evolution of flower development in the Zingiberales
BK Kirchoff, LP Lagomarsino, WH Newman, ME Bartlett, CD Specht
American Journal of Botany 96 (3), 580-593, 2009
Meristem identity and phyllotaxis in inflorescence development
ME Bartlett, B Thompson
Frontiers in plant science 5, 508, 2014
Evolutionary dynamics of floral homeotic transcription factor protein–protein interactions
M Bartlett, B Thompson, H Brabazon, R Del Gizzi, T Zhang, C Whipple
Molecular biology and evolution 33 (6), 1486-1501, 2016
The maize PI/GLO ortholog Zmm16/sterile tassel silky ear1 interacts with the zygomorphy and sex determination pathways in flower development
ME Bartlett, SK Williams, Z Taylor, S DeBlasio, A Goldshmidt, DH Hall, ...
The Plant Cell 27 (11), 3081-3098, 2015
Of puzzles and pavements: a quantitative exploration of leaf epidermal cell shape
RV Vőfély, J Gallagher, GD Pisano, M Bartlett, SA Braybrook
New Phytologist 221 (1), 540-552, 2019
An ancient Sec10–formin fusion provides insights into actin-mediated regulation of exocytosis
PAC van Gisbergen, SZ Wu, M Chang, KA Pattavina, ME Bartlett, ...
Journal of Cell Biology 217 (3), 945-957, 2018
Changing MADS-box transcription factor protein–protein interactions as a mechanism for generating floral morphological diversity
ME Bartlett
Integrative and Comparative Biology 57 (6), 1312-1321, 2017
Bulked-segregant analysis coupled to whole genome sequencing (BSA-Seq) for rapid gene cloning in maize
H Klein, Y Xiao, PA Conklin, R Govindarajulu, JA Kelly, MJ Scanlon, ...
G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics 8 (11), 3583-3592, 2018
A Gene for Genetic Background in Zea mays: Fine-Mapping enhancer of teosinte branched1.2 to a YABBY Class Transcription Factor
CJ Yang, LE Kursel, AJ Studer, ME Bartlett, CJ Whipple, JF Doebley
Genetics 204 (4), 1573-1585, 2016
Protein change in plant evolution: tracing one thread connecting molecular and phenotypic diversity
M Bartlett, C Whipple
Frontiers in plant science 4, 382, 2013
Epi-illumination microscopy coupled to in situ hybridization and its utility in the study of evolution and development in non-model species
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Phylogenetic relationships and evolution in the Strelitziaceae (Zingiberales)
GV Cron, C Pirone, M Bartlett, WJ Kress, C Specht
Systematic Botany 37 (3), 606-619, 2012
Grass flowers: an untapped resource for floral evo‐devo
A Schrager‐Lavelle, H Klein, A Fisher, M Bartlett
Journal of Systematics and Evolution 55 (6), 525-541, 2017
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