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צוטט על ידי
Resolving difficult phylogenetic questions: why more sequences are not enough
H Philippe, H Brinkmann, DV Lavrov, DTJ Littlewood, M Manuel, ...
PLoS Biol 9 (3), e1000602, 2011
The African coelacanth genome provides insights into tetrapod evolution
CT Amemiya, J Alföldi, AP Lee, S Fan, H Philippe, I MacCallum, I Braasch, ...
Nature 496 (7445), 311-316, 2013
A large and consistent phylogenomic dataset supports sponges as the sister group to all other animals
P Simion, H Philippe, D Baurain, M Jager, DJ Richter, A Di Franco, ...
Current Biology 27 (7), 958-967, 2017
Impact of missing data on phylogenies inferred from empirical phylogenomic data sets
B Roure, D Baurain, H Philippe
Molecular biology and evolution 30 (1), 197-214, 2013
Variants modulating the expression of a chromosome domain encompassing PLAG1 influence bovine stature
L Karim, H Takeda, L Lin, T Druet, JAC Arias, D Baurain, N Cambisano, ...
Nature genetics 43 (5), 405-413, 2011
Phylogenomic evidence for separate acquisition of plastids in cryptophytes, haptophytes, and stramenopiles
D Baurain, H Brinkmann, J Petersen, N Rodríguez-Ezpeleta, ...
Molecular Biology and Evolution 27 (7), 1698-1709, 2010
Lack of resolution in the animal phylogeny: closely spaced cladogeneses or undetected systematic errors?
D Baurain, H Brinkmann, H Philippe
Molecular biology and evolution 24 (1), 6-9, 2007
Patrocles: a database of polymorphic miRNA-mediated gene regulation in vertebrates
S Hiard, C Charlier, W Coppieters, M Georges, D Baurain
Nucleic acids research 38 (suppl_1), D640-D651, 2010
A comparative inventory of metal transporters in the green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii and the red alga Cyanidioschizon merolae
M Hanikenne, U Krämer, V Demoulin, D Baurain
Plant Physiology 137 (2), 428-446, 2005
Phylotranscriptomic consolidation of the jawed vertebrate timetree
I Irisarri, D Baurain, H Brinkmann, F Delsuc, JY Sire, A Kupfer, J Petersen, ...
Nature ecology & evolution 1 (9), 1370-1378, 2017
Arthrospira (‘Spirulina’) strains from four continents are resolved into only two clusters, based on amplified ribosomal DNA restriction analysis of the internally …
P Scheldeman, D Baurain, R Bouhy, M Scott, M Mühling, BA Whitton, ...
FEMS microbiology letters 172 (2), 213-222, 1999
The mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation proteome of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii deduced from the Genome Sequencing Project
P Cardol, D González-Halphen, A Reyes-Prieto, D Baurain, RF Matagne, ...
Plant physiology 137 (2), 447-459, 2005
Chromera velia, Endosymbioses and the Rhodoplex Hypothesis—Plastid Evolution in Cryptophytes, Alveolates, Stramenopiles, and Haptophytes (CASH Lineages)
J Petersen, AK Ludewig, V Michael, B Bunk, M Jarek, D Baurain, ...
Genome biology and evolution 6 (3), 666-684, 2014
Characterization of two genes encoding the mitochondrial alternative oxidase in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
M Dinant, D Baurain, N Coosemans, B Joris, RF Matagne
Current genetics 39 (2), 101-108, 2001
Pitfalls in supermatrix phylogenomics
H Philippe, DM de Vienne, V Ranwez, B Roure, D Baurain, F Delsuc
European Journal of Taxonomy, 2017
Regulation of the Alternative Oxidase Aox1 Gene inChlamydomonas reinhardtii. Role of the Nitrogen Source on the Expression of a Reporter Gene under the Control of theAox1 Promoter
D Baurain, M Dinant, N Coosemans, RF Matagne
Plant physiology 131 (3), 1418-1430, 2003
Assessing the effect of the CLPG mutation on the microRNA catalog of skeletal muscle using high-throughput sequencing
F Caiment, C Charlier, T Hadfield, N Cockett, M Georges, D Baurain
Genome research 20 (12), 1651-1662, 2010
Origin and distribution of Calvin cycle fructose and sedoheptulose bisphosphatases in plantae and complex algae: a single secondary origin of complex red plastids and …
R Teich, S Zauner, D Baurain, H Brinkmann, J Petersen
Protist 158 (3), 263-276, 2007
D Baurain, L Renquin, S Grubisic, P Scheldeman, A Belay, A Wilmotte
Journal of Phycology 38 (2), 384-393, 2002
Mutants of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii Deficient in Mitochondrial Complex I: Characterization of Two Mutations Affecting the nd1 Coding Sequence
C Remacle, D Baurain, P Cardol, RF Matagne
Genetics 158 (3), 1051-1060, 2001
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